Learning how to swim is a rite of passage for most kids, and can be a good experience when instructors use creativity and patience. With the help of age-appropriate games, young swimmers learn basic swim strokes and water safety skills that encourage a lifetime of fitness and fun. Research has shown that giving kids the formal swimming lessons may help decrease the number of childhood accidents.

young swimmers

Young swimmers mimicking game

For young swimmers, the mimicking game helps to generate comfort in the water. Seat the youngster securely on a step in the pool’s shallow end, directly in front of you. First, take a cup of water and pour it on your hair, stating “washing my hair”; as you both giggle, give the cup to the little one to pour water on your head, after that ask him to wash his hair, as well. Rinse and do it again until interest decreases.

Games with melodies

To encourage underwater swimming, position yourselves in a circle in the shallow end of the pool, holding hands while singing the kid’s tune;”Ring Around the Rosy”; we all fall down”; learners go underwater after bending their knees. Next, line kids up in the water, each holding onto the side. Get a volunteer to play a music CD with different beats and rhythms. Encourage the young learners to keep the beat with a simple dolphin kick or up-and-down flutter kick.

young swimmers

The superman glide

Once learners can blow bubbles, submerge their faces and kick, they are all set to leave the wall. Have them stand with their backs against the wall in the pool’s shallow end and impersonate Superman, extending their arms straight out in a soaring posture while using their two feet to push off the wall. Position yourself very close so that youngsters do not have to glide far, then slowly move further away to let learners move smoothly and kick if they are comfortable.

Search and recover

Youngsters at home usually enjoy a challenge when having swimming lessons. After analyzing the abilities of your learners, select the right swimming pool depth and throw submersible objects into the water. Young swimmers should search underwater for the objects and get them up from the bottom of the swimming pool, returning them to you for points. To stop needless competition, allocate each learner a different number or color of objects to locate. This game helps the young swimmers develop lung capacity and gain courage in their swimming ability.

young swimmers

Safe swimming

Research has shown that most backyard pool accidents under age 5 victims were alone when they fell into the swimming pool. For this reason, it is essential that parents give enough supervision, and that kids master swimming skills at an early stage. The ability of a child to swim two feet and get hold of the wall could easily save his life.

Ensure that your little one knows to ask permission before getting into the water, and that access to swimming pools is controlled when they are not being used. Remind kids about the rules, like running or horseplay on the deck. Life jackets must be worn by children who are unable to swim, except if an adult is offering close supervision in shallow water. You can hire an experienced lifeguard if you are hosting a pool party, to guarantee the safety of all guests.

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