9 Gazebo and Pergola Designs & Ideas For Inspiration

Gazebo and pergola designs are comfortable outdoor structures that can add a stylish retreat to your backyard. They can add more usability to your backyard and at the same time, make your landscaping more appealing. Here are the best pergolas and gazebos designs to find your favorite patio architecture.

pool with deck

Oasis with a Covered Deck

If you want to limit installations and yet offer your backyard a shady and soothing spot on the hottest days, then an oasis with a covered wooden deck is an ideal choice. You can apply numerous stain colors to the deck. The wooden structure will enhance its appearance, and craft a perfect romantic backyard.

Stylish Pergola Designs

No wonder the pergola designs are the most trending nowadays. Usually made of composite material or wood, these structures lend a sophisticated style to al fresco sanctuary. Luckily, you can integrate additional features within these structures like space heaters, sound systems, lighting systems, and roll-down windows to enhance comfort and luxury.

Rustic Back Gazebo Design

Pep up your backyard with a lovely and rustic gazebo design. With a covered back gazebo and porch, your guests will feel more invited and relaxed. At the same time, you’ll be able to enjoy the scenic view. Add comfy wicker chairs to enhance seating while watching the sunsets and fall colors.

Swing Bed Pergola at the Pool Area

To sit back and spend an enjoyable time in their backyard, there is nothing more amazing than the swing-bed pergola at the pool area. While adding palm tree incorporates natural retreat and a resort-like vibe, touches of the house can be witnessed in the columns mimicking the front porch. Fencing on either side will enhance safety.

Pergola with Sheets

Curtains made of fine sheets or fabrics are perfect for enhancing the look of your pergola and adding drama to space. The covered pergola design also maintains privacy and is a great idea for couples who wish to relax in nature.

Gazebo and Pergola Designs & Ideas

Poolside Gazebo

A poolside gazebo not only provides covered seating next to the pool but can also be accompanied by a semi-raised space to enhance the appearance and usability of the space. Match it up with light colored stone on the pool deck, which are perfect contrasts with the dark bottom of the pool.

Earthy Pergola Structure

It is one of the finest pergola designs for backyards at the hillside. A covered pergola patio is made using natural materials that give it a more serene and earthy look. The relaxing vibes perfectly blend the mood and the environment.

shade structures

Pergola with Privacy Screen

Want some privacy? A pergola with a privacy wall blocks out views from the neighbors. It even protects from the direct sunlight, still, lets the natural light and view entering in the space.

Gazebo and Pergola Combo

Let your backyard have two structures on one deck. An open-air pergola and a covered gazebo offer the homeowners with both the options and benefits for a perfect outdoor living.

With these gazebo and pergola designs, you can easily create a cool and comfortable outdoor space in your backyard. Just do take the permission before starting your project and consider hiring a professional for complex builds.

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