What is a Geothermal Pool?

Geothermal pools are found throughout the world in the form of natural hot springs, they can take over in flooded fumaroles (an opening near a volcano), or they can even be artificially fed pools. Geothermal pools can be found on every single continent, yes, even Antarctica! A geothermal pool is naturally occurring and happens when ground water is geothermally heated by the earth’s crust. What does that mean to us though? An area that houses a geothermal pool offers energy, a source of hot water, health benefits, enzymes, a hot spot (literally) for tourism and even concert venues!


Geothermal Pool: Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Blue Lagoon is a geothermal pool in Iceland renowned for attracting visitors from all over the world. Located in southwestern Iceland, it operates mainly as a luxury spa. Occasionally used as a concert venue and a venue for a week long music festival called: Iceland Airwaves. Consisting of milky blue colored waters, the pools are not only beautiful but they also offer some really cool benefits to humans as well. The waters are naturally rich in algae as it thrives in this environment the water is also rich in minerals, such as silica and sulfur. It is also said that bathing in these waters offers other health benefits such as cleaning, exfoliating, and nourishing one’s skin. These waters are supposed to be particularly good for those suffering from certain skin diseases. We’re always excited about a natural cure!

So, how hot is hot in a Geothermal Pool?

The Blue Lagoon is fed from the water output of a close by geothermal plant. First, super heated water at a burning 460°F. It is then drilled from approximately 220 yards beneath the Earth’s surface, providing a source of sustainable energy and hot water to the citizens of Iceland. Pretty neat right? Then, after exiting the geothermal plant, the water is still too hot to touch so it is then is mixed with some refreshingly cold water to bring it down to the temperature of a comfortable 99 to 102°F , just above body temperature. Resulting in an amazingly gorgeous outdoor bathtub for you and your friends/family to relax and soak up all the health benefits that a geothermal pool can offer!


If you can’t visit Iceland’s Geothermal Pools…

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