Awesome Benefits of Fiberglass Pools!

Quicker Installation

Compared to other pool types, a fiberglass pool takes the least amount of time to install: around three to six weeks, even for a large inground pool.

Less Cleanup After the Job Is Done

The pool builders will only visit your home when the pre-made mold arrives, meaning – there is a minimal effort needed for post-project cleanup.

Savings on Maintenance Costs

When well-maintained, fiberglass pools can last for up to 30 years without requiring resurfacing. You also don’t need to keep adding chemicals or clean the walls every weekend.

Non-Porous Surface Means Less Damage

The non-porous surface prevents algae from building up.

Highly Durable and Reliable

The fiberglass swimming pool shell is extremely tough and durable material, entwined with several layers of fortifying vinyl ester and polyester resins.

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