lv_gal3_1Swimming pool patios and decks are never just requisite extensions of your pool. These don’t just accentuate the look of your pool. They set the ambiance and get people excited about getting wet.

Here are some swimming pool patios and decks ideas to get you excited about decorating your backyard.

Swimming Pool Patio and Deck Materials
One of the key ingredients in setting the tone for swimming pool fun is the material you use for your patio or deck. You have several creative options here to suit your budget and taste.

Decorative Concrete: Concrete sounds dull but you actually have several color and finish options. It can be stamped and stained with creative textures, patterns and colors. Make sure your pool users don’t slip by using a spray-on slip-resistant finish.

Deck Pavers: Pavers are affordable and durable deck options that can be creative and fun. Choose the material that suits your taste and budget: natural stone, travertine, aggregates and concrete. Then, choose a pattern or design. Deck pavers are tough and less prone to cracks.

Tile, Slate or Brick: If you want a classic pool look, check out your tile, slate and brick options. Tiles are probably the most affordable but this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with them. They come in different colors, shapes and styles. If you want to complement your backyard’s natural surrounding, consider the many slate and aggregate varieties. If classic patterns are what you want, go for bricks.

Composite Decking: Wood can make decks look old school and classy. But then again, water is one of its worse enemy. If you still like the wooden look for your deck, consider composite decking. These look and feel like wood but is considerably resistant to damage from water. You also don’t need to varnish or paint them.

Patio and Deck Furniture
Of course, pool patios and decks look incomplete without patio and deck furniture. Relax in stylish wicker furniture or comfy hammocks. Bond with family and friends in your outdoor dining set, sharing meals that you cooked in your outdoor grill.

Accentuate with outdoor umbrellas, lamps and maybe even a fountain. A backyard pool is not all about the pool, and surrounding plants and grass. Add your touch to it and get creative!