With the onset of summer, it’s time to start building a pool in your backyard to enjoy evening swims. If you already have a pool, get it ready for the hot season ahead. It ensures a healthy and clean pool where you can wind away lazy summer afternoons. Here are some tips to help:

Clean Up the Pool

When you open the pool for the summer, you may encounter fall leaves and dirt along with weather buildup in and around your pool. You should blow away the debris from the pool cover and the deck before removing the cover. Once done with this, use the pump to remove standing water. Also, put together the filtration system and clean out the baskets.

Portland Swimming Pool Water

Test the Water

It is essential to have professional testing of your pool water after building a pool. You can either take the water sample to the lab or let the expert pool builders do this test at your home. Even if the pool water is visibly clean, you must test the chemical balance of the water.

Check the alkalinity and pH levels before using the pool. Also, the level of chlorine should be optimal. While high chlorine causes skin and eye irritation, low chlorine levels result in the growth of bacteria and algae. Depending on the test results, the pool maintenance people will add the best chemicals for the perfect balance.

Test the Pool Equipment

Testing the pool water isn’t all that is involved with pool maintenance. You also need to check the conditions of your pool equipment before the summer starts. If the pool system is not working properly, nothing else matters much. So, you should do a detailed check on your pool pump, cleaners, skimmers, and filters. It ensures that they perform to their maximum capacity and keep your pool in the perfect shape.

Also, you should check for the leakages in the hoses and pipes before opening the pool. Inspect the entire system because any damage can lead to leakages in the middle of the season.

Portland Swimming Pool Water

Clean and Fix Up the Pool Deck

The cleanliness of the pool deck is as important as the clean pool water. If you have rotting wood or loose concrete on the deck, it is a perfect recipe for an accident. So, check the entire area for loose or wobbling joints and sections. Also, check the pathway from your pool to the house. To enjoy your backyard throughout the summer, you can also add a tanning ledge or lounge chairs on the pool deck.

Add Custom Water Features

Before you enjoy the perks of building a pool, consider adding some cool features to your backyard space. A water fountain in the middle of the backyard or a waterfall in the pool will create a tropical resort in your own home. You can also add some other custom pool features like natural rock grottos or swim-up bars to make the most of your pool.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the safety profile of your pool before allowing your kids to make a splash into it. These are some pool-related checks and updates to make your pool ready for the summer.

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