When spring is here and as the temperatures start to rise, it is time for you to consider having your swimming pool area in Redding ready for the hot weather. It is now easy than ever to open your swimming pool! With some easy steps, you will be ready to enjoy your backyard oasis before you know it!

Open Your Swimming Pool

Probably one of the most-ignored steps in getting your pool ready for the season is looking after your pool’s surrounding area.

Premier Pools & Spas of Redding is here to assist you open your swimming pool with the following simple-to-read tips. With a bit of work, you’ll be on the way to having a clean swimming pool and a worry-free spring opening.

Things to consider when you want to open your swimming pool for spring:

Remove plant debris

From the nearby planting beds, patio, pool deck; remove anything that has the likelihood of creating debris in the backyard pool. Prune hedges and trees, which have grown lately and may hang over the swimming pool. Some plant life shed flowers in the summer season that can end up in the pool.

Pool water balancing

Ensure you go through the schedule efficiently. You should inspect the pH, alkalinity, and adjust accordingly. You should begin with shocking the swimming pool and continue adjusting until the pool water is clear. While you’re balancing the pool water, run the pump continuously at the start of the season until all looks clear.

Open Your Swimming Pool

Check the pool supplies

Inspect expiration dates on all swimming pool chemical containers. Properly dispose off expired cleaning supplies and replace with new chemicals. Don’t forget that if a chemical wasn’t correctly sealed before storing in the off-season, you should replace that too.

Clean the filter

Surprisingly, this isn’t something Redding homeowners always consider at closing time. But it is important to thoroughly clean up the filter before winter. When you store the filter for the off-season, make sure you clean any chemical residue and dirt. By doing this, it will not only save you time cleaning it in the spring, but you’ll also prolong the component’s life span. Cleaning the filter will minimize its exposure to salt, chlorine, and other destructive chemicals.

Removing the pool cover

You pool cover collects water during the fall and winter season. Make sure the water on top of the cover doesn’t mix with your pool water. It is important that you use a vacuum or pump to get rid of the water from the top of your pool cover. Then take the cover to your front yard or on a slope or slant area for much easier drainage. You should thoroughly sweep and hose off the pool cover.  Also, use treatment or cleaner if it is advised by the manufacturer of the pool cover.

The level of pool water

You should fill your pool’s water level back to its usual level by using a garden horse. This is often halfway up the tile or around the middle of the skimmer opening. This is essential as you want the pool pump to draw pool water, not air, as soon as you turn it back on.

Open Your Swimming Pool

Open your swimming pool – Conclusion

Now you need to be ready for all the happy moments of the brief pool season. If you want anything to help open your swimming pool, advice, parts, chemicals; please contact our expert team at Premier Pools & Spas of Redding today!

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