Are you tired of nasty looking algae in your pool at your San Jose home? No one likes having algae around their pool because it makes even the most beautiful pool look like a slime pit. This may not have been something that you thought of originally when you were getting your pool put in, but getting rid of algae is very important.

How to get Rid of Algae from your San Jose Pool 1

What Kind of Algae Is It?

There are different types of algae and it is very important that you understand what you are working with. Most of the time you are going to see green algae so that is what we are going to focus on today, but there are also yellow, blue and black algae and those can be rather hard to get rid of.

Algae love to hide in dark places and grows under ladders and other areas where you can see it is shaded.

Getting Rid of Your Algae


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If you are ready to get rid of your algae here is the most simple action plan for you.

Pull out your vacuum and get ready to vacuum to waste your pool. This means that it’s not going to come back through your filter, it is going to go totally out of your pool. Once you have done this, it is time to get those algae off the walls, floor, steps, etc of your pool. It is hanging on for dear life and you want to make sure that it comes off. Just take a pool brush and get to work brushing it off.

After your pool has been brushed, it is time to make sure what the pH levels and alkalinity are because you are going to shock the pool. Once you have gotten your levels, you are going to make sure that you getting the right reading. Once you are done doing that, it is time to shock the water.

Most of the time you want to shock your pool during the night or at least at dusk. Let the filter run all night and kill as many algae as it can. The water is going to be a cloudy look after the shock because of the massive killing of algae. Just make sure to keep running the filter and if needed you can add a clarifier.

That is as easy as it is when it comes to getting rid of algae. You should be good to go and before you know it, your pool is going to be back to its normal beauty.


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Keeping Algae at Bay

Make sure to keep algae at bay by taking proper care of your pool and staying on top of any of the challenges you might see arising when it comes to your algae problem or any other pool challenges. When you do this, you are going to make life a lot easier on you. Now it’s time to go and enjoy your newly clear pool. Have fun!

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