Algae can easily grow in your pool if it is not being properly taken care of. Despite your best efforts, these tiny and sneaky spores can find a way into the pools New Orleans. It may occur due to clogged filters or delayed cleaning of the swimming pool. No matter how it comes, you ought to fix algae as soon as you notice it in your pool. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get rid of algae in your swimming pool:

Portland Swimming Pool Water

Check the Water Chemistry

If you want to keep your pool algae-free, make sure to test the water chemistry at regular intervals. Use a good quality test kit to check the chlorine and pH levels in your pool water. The pH level between 7.4 and 7.6 is ideal for preventing algae growth. If the pH level is not up to the mark, you can add sodium carbonate to balance the water chemistry. Also, you must add sodium bisulfate to bring the level of chlorine above 1 PPM.

Run the Pool Pump

When treating the pool water for removing algae, the pump needs to run for 24 hours a day. The continuous pumping of water prevents stagnation and halts the growth of algae in your pool.

Brush the Pool Walls

It is important to ensure regular brushing of your pool to keep it sparkling clean. You should use the correct brush depending on the material of your pool. Fiberglass or vinyl pools in New Orleans are more susceptible to damage. Hence, use a nylon brush to prevent scratching of their surface. However, you can use strong wire brushes for cleaning a concrete or gunite pool. Scrub all the surfaces in the pool including corners, pool wall, steps, and spaces under ladders.

Vacuum the Pool

After brushing, debris and algae loosen up in the water. You can remove them completely by vacuuming the pool surface. You can either choose robotic pool cleaners or do manual vacuuming. The manual vacuum bypasses the filters and prevents recirculation of contaminated water in the pool. But, you must pay more attention to areas infested with algae when vacuuming the pool manually.

Gunite swimming pool maintenance

Keep the Pool Filters Clean

The filter system in your pool is essential for removal of dead algae. Hence, it must be cleaned and rinsed off well. Also, make sure to backwash the sand filters for complete removal of algae. To backwash the filters, you need to turn the multiport valve handle and turn the pump on. Run the pump until you see clear water and then, shut the pump and move the valve back to the filter.

Give Your Pool the Shock Treatment

Shocking the pool with calcium hypochlorite is a good exercise for removing algae. You should shock your pool on a weekly basis. But, if there is an algae overgrowth, it may need additional treatment to kill off these nasty elements. The black algae need multiple shocks for complete removal. When shocking the pool, make sure to wear protective gear and get bleached afterward.

These are some effective ways to remove and prevent algae growth in pools New Orleans.

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