Stains in outdoor swimming pools are frustrating none the least. They can put a damper on your backyard experience. There are some tricks and tips on how to remove pool stains from your swimming pool, but before you do that, you will need to local the source of stain to take appropriate actions. Here’s how you can get rid of these irritating stains in your pool:

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Removing Metal Stains

Metals result in reddish-brown stains in the pool. While iron creates rusty-red or brown stains, copper results in teal or turquoise stains. These types of stains are tricky to remove, but definitely not impossible. In this case, chemicals like chlorine won’t leave a dent in the pool stain. So, you will need a stronger chemical to eliminate them completely. For removing iron stains, you can use ascorbic acid and citric acid is quite effective for copper stains. Use a metal reducer to deactivate excess metals. Then, add ½ pound chemical to 10,000 gallons of water. You can sprinkle the acid directly on the tough stains. Then, scrub them clean and run the pool filter for one hour.

Removing Rust Stains

Rust stains are mostly found in the isolated parts of the outdoor swimming pools. Sometimes, these stains may be caused by metal objects making their way into the pool. In the concrete pools, if the rebar tie wire is close to the pool wall and there are cracks allowing water into the rebar metal, this causes rust stains. On the other hand, galvanized steel walls in vinyl pools can also lead to similar consequences. To clean them up, fill a sock with ½ cup of dry acid and place it over the stain. Keep the sock pressed to the stain and check every 1-2 minutes until it goes away. You can also use ascorbic or citric acid to clean rust stains.

 Removing Mineral Stains

Typically, mineral stains are chalky white deposits forming above the pool waterline. With some water conditions, this scaling can deposit over other pool surfaces as well. Excess calcium in the water is a major cause of mineral stains. To remove them, mix vinegar and water in equal proportion. Now, scrub this solution on the stain until it fades away. If mineral stains do not go away with this solution, take help from the pool service experts for eliminating such tough stains.

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Removing Waterline Stains

Sometimes, dirt and oils combined with other particulate matters result in waterline stains in the pool. If the pool has a lower level of water during winterization, you’ll find concentric watermark above the pool walls. To prevent oily and organic stains in your pool, give an enzyme treatment to your pool. You can also brush away the watermarks with granular chlorine. Use a proper pool stain eraser or brush to scrub hard stains.

Removing Organic Stains

The greenish-brown organic stains are found in the bottom of your pool. They can result from mud, algae, worms, or acorns in the pool. Though these stains are easy to remove, you need to follow a proper process. Give a shock treatment to the pool and allow chemicals to absorb the stains. Before starting the treatment, don’t forget to check the chemical balance of the pool.

These are some effective ways to get rid of stains in the outdoor swimming pools. Follow them for a spotless stain. If you are unable to get rid of these pool stains reach out to your local pool service technician for professional help.

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