Your Phoenix home is perfect. Well, it is almost perfect, but it is missing a salt water pool. At least, that is what you are thinking, but should you get a salt water pool in Phoenix? In this article, we are going to give you some more information about what a salt water pool really is and some of the benefits and drawbacks so you can make the best decision for you.

What is a Salt Water Pool?

salt water pool

Am I going to toting ocean water through my house to the pool? Most people hear salt water and they immediately think of the nasty tasting ocean water they get a face of when they have a day of fun on the beach. That is not at all what we are talking about when we say a salt water pool.

Did you know that salt water pools are actually chlorine pools? That’s right. Salt water pools are chlorine pools but the difference is there is a salt water generator that makes the chlorine instead of having to store chemicals at your home.

Most people are shocked by this news and the pool industry has been trying to get the word to people about how salt water pools work, what they are and what they are not and it is just now finally coming to the surface so people understand a little bit better.

salt water pool

What Are the Benefits of Having a Salt Water Pool

If you haven’t thought about getting a salt water pool before, you are probably wondering why you would want to. There are a few different benefits to having a salt water pool versus a traditional chlorine pool.

People that have sensitive skin and sensitive eyes often find salt water pools are much easier to swim in since they often do not have to have as high of a level of chlorine as traditional chlorine pools have to have. You’ll also that the water is soft and natural feeling when you are in salt water pools.

Instead of having to go out and put chlorine in your pool, the process is automatic. This takes another thing off of your to-do list so that you can do the things that you really need to do like water volleyball. Since there will be less of a need for maintenance overall, you will be able to set even more time aside for your favorite water activities.

salt water pool


If you want to learn even more about how a salt water pool could be a good fit for you and your family, you should speak to a professional that will be able to answer any specific questions that you have. Instead of being confused and trying to dig for answers yourself, you will be able to go right to the source so that everyone will be able to get the results that they want instead of keeping your family waiting on their new dream pool.

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