Before you start exploring the inground pool ideas, it is essential to know about the process of building one. An in-ground pool is not only an enjoyable addition to your backyard, but also a huge investment for your home. You should know from the start what is involved in the process of building a perfect in-ground pool. Here are some important steps in this process:

Fiberglass Pool Installation

Choosing the Right Type of Pool

In the decision to build a pool, you should make a proper selection of the type of pool material. There are three main options available. They are fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl liner pools. Concrete pools are custom built and take more time to finish. Vinyl liners are flexible pools that are attached to a reinforced wall frame.

They come in a limited selection of shapes and sizes. Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, are prefabricated and installed in less than 6 weeks. Each of these options has different costs and features. You should consider your needs and budget to select the right option.

Compare the Prices

If you’re considering several inground pool ideas, comparing their prices makes a lot of sense. There are many factors causing differences in the cost of a pool. It may vary due to the location, type of pool, circulation system, soil condition, and size of the pool. Sometimes, the time of the year can also affect the cost of building a pool. Hence, you should compare the prices on all these parameters before starting the construction.

Get the Permits

Before you commence the pool construction, you have to take permits from the local authorities. Inground pools are subject to zoning regulations in every region. Therefore, make an application for a permit and take approval to get started. The rules may differ from city to city. But, there are some underlying conditions to meet. They include the distance of pool from the next property, the height of the pool, and fencing requirements.

Santa Clarita

Choose the Right Location

Whether you have limited space in your backyard or a huge open space, choosing the right location of your pool is imperative. Select a strategic location that’s perfect for your family. Ideally, build your pool in a location where it gets maximum sunlight throughout the year. It shouldn’t stand in a place that’s prone to flooding.

Also, don’t put your pool under overhead electrical wires or over buried septic systems and electric cables. Place it within your eyesight to keep a close eye when your kids make a splash in the pool.

Choose the Pool Additions

When building an inground pool, leave some room for future additions. A sundeck, an outdoor kitchen, pergolas, lounging chaise, and benches are some interesting additions to the deck. You can also add some custom features to your pool. Deck it up with a pool waterfall, LED lighting, natural rock grottos, or pool ledges. The sky is the limit when it comes to enhancing the landscape surrounding your pool.

These are some important steps that are necessary to bring your inground pool ideas into a stunning reality.

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