When compared to concrete pools, the inground vinyl pool cost can be highly affordable. In fact, it tends to cost up to $10,000 lesser than concrete pools. Vinyl is an easy option to install. The surface of the vinyl liner pool is a smooth and makes your wading experiences pleasurable. Since a swimming pool adds value to your home, you should make this investment with deliberation. Here are the cost factors to assess when looking to install a vinyl liner pool in your backyard:

Size of the Pool

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The inground vinyl pool cost may vary as per its sizing. For example, a rectangular pool with dimensions of 12’X24’ may cost around $36,000 while a smaller pool will carry a lower price tag.

Location of the Pool

The location of the pool is related to the process of excavation. There is an average per hour cost of professional pool excavation for easily accessible areas. If the location is not easily accessible, the price of excavation may increase drastically.

Filling the Pool

On an average, a swimming pool may hold 18,000 to 20,000 gallons of water. If the water is metered in your area, it will cost you some money to fill your pool. This cost can add an additional burden of $80-$100 on your monthly water utility bills.

Shape of the Pool

If you choose the regular rectangular, oval, or square shape, you needn’t pay an extra amount. But, inground vinyl pool cost may be high for custom-made pools. If you select a shape of your choice, you may have to pay a little extra to your pool builder.

Parts and Equipment

When installing a vinyl liner pool, consider the cost of required parts and equipment as well. Every part has its own cost. Hence, you should draw out a budget and determine what works best for your pool project. The main parts in a vinyl pool are the liner, coping, water features, pool covers, monthly chemical kits, water pumps, filtration systems, light fittings, and other equipment or accessories.

Labor Cost

In the construction of an inground swimming pool, labor is a major cost factor. The pool builders may work on per-hour or per-square foot basis to cover the labor costs. It includes the labor for excavation and installation of the pool. Excavation involves digging the site for installing the pool frame and liner. The process of liner installation takes on an average of 40 working hours a week. If you want decking and landscaping, it costs extra for both material and labor.

Costs of Maintenance

To maintain the pool in an excellent condition, you need to incur regular maintenance costs as well. It entails the costs of skimming the debris off the water, maintaining the pool chemicals, and repairing the damages if any. You need the help of professionals to set up a proper maintenance schedule at an affordable cost per month.

Decking and Fencing

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Decking around the pool perimeter is important for the stability of the ground while fencing is essential for the safety of your pool. The costs of both these features depend on the materials, size, and type of deck or fencing that you choose.

These are some important factors that go into an inground vinyl pool cost. Consider them closely before making a decision.

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