green-poolAlgae comes in a couple different types as a pool enemy. You don’t want to have an algae filled pool right before that pool party do you? Treatment to the pool is a necessity if you’ve got those green fellows tagging along. How green is your pool, if it’s a teal color you can get rid of the algae in just a few simple steps. Although the darker the algae the peskier the problem. Algae likes to cling to the dark cracks and crevices of your pool setting its roots before spreading. Fight back, Goodbye Algae!

These simple steps should take care of the algae if it’s at an early stage.

  • brush the walls and floor of your pool
  • Vacuum your pool at least twice a day
  • skim the top of your pool everyday
  • run the filter 8- 12 hrs a day
  • keep your pH level between 7.4-7.6

Those basic steps should be done often to keep your pool clean. If the algae is darker there are more advanced procedures to go through. You’ll need a bucket of water, pool shock, gloves and close you don’t mind getting dirty. Determining the type of algae you’re dealing with determines the usage of shock and work to be done. If your pool is dark green you’ll want to use 3 pounds of pool shock for every 10,000 gallons of water, if it’s a black color you’ll want to use 4 pounds for every 10,000 gallons.

Taking your bucket of warm water or pool water you mix one pound of shock in at a time. slowly mixing it into your pool. Do this until all the shock needed as been added to your swimming pool. Turn on your filter and let it run until the blue color is back to your pool.

Didn’t work the first time? Add the amount of shock needed based on the color of the algae and repeat the steps.  Don’t forget to brush and vacuum the pool daily to keep it clean and clear.

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