If you are curious about pool evaporation at your Gulf Breeze residence, it’s a good thing that you are paying attention to your pool water levels. If you don’t notice your water levels going down and there is a pool leak or other problem that is causing the level of your water to go down, you could be in for major problems. In this article, we are going to talk about pool evaporation as well as what could be wrong if your water is going down for other reasons than pool evaporation.
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Pool Evaporation & What to Expect

First, if your pool is uncovered, you should expect to experience more pool evaporation that if you were to have a pool cover on when your pool is not in use. You should expect about a quarter inch of water per day to evaporate. This isn’t to say that your water won’t be lower than this decrease if you have a heavy day of swimming so make sure to take that into account as well.

Depending on how the weather is when you are checking your pool evaporation it could vary so don’t start worrying about leaks right away if you notice less water in your pool. Sun and air temperature, wind velocity, splashing, rain, and hailstorms can affect pool water levels.

pool evaporation

What to Do In a Storm

If you know that is a storm is coming, you need to properly prepare your swimming pool for the brunt of the storm. Make sure it is tightly covered and all pool accessories should be out of the pool and stored somewhere safe so they are not blown around causing damage to your home and yard. When you are experiencing heavy winds in dry weather, it is going to cause a higher level of pool evaporation so keep a watch on your water during these times if you keep your pool uncovered.

Sun & Wind Effects on Pool Evaporation

pool evaporation

The way the weather operates in Gulf Breeze might be giving you whiplash as a pool owner so make sure you watch your chlorine and other pool chemicals to ensure they are at the proper levels. Intense sunlight will lead to pool evaporation and that doesn’t mean only water. Your chlorine and other chemicals are prone to evaporation as well but you can prevent too much chlorine evaporation by using stabilizers.

If you want to make your life easier and less, make sure to get a good cover for your pool. If you are experiencing a drought, filling your pool can be very expensive and lead you to fork out more cash than you want to each month.

Checking for Pool Leaks

If you think that you have a pool leak, you can do a special dye test with a kit to make sure that is not what it is. If you find you have leaks in your pool, make sure to call a pool professional right away.  We will be glad to help you with any problems you might be having.

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