Simply because your Gulf Coast backyard is not so big doesn’t mean you should settle for a small, confined look. It is easy to turn your small backyard space into a functional and stunning getaway with these backyard design ideas from our professional Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast landscape designers.

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With some simple upgrades to your backyard space, you can make it look larger. Actually, it not only will appear larger, but it will also appear more open and welcoming, creating a perfect spot to throw backyard parties and entertain guests; all without spending too much. We have come up with some backyard design ideas to take full advantage of your small space.

Here are some backyard design ideas to consider,

Plan your outdoor space

The key to a backyard that’s more spacious is all in the planning. Define your small backyard’s spaces and make their purposes clear. Define a lounging or dining area using a stone patio, or use plantings to separate the dining space from the play area.

Lay decking and pavers in the proper direction

You can create the impression of an area being bigger than it truly is with diagonal paths. Rather than a walkway that’s shorter and straight, let it wind around the backyard or cut diagonally if space allows. On the other hand, you can elongate the space by laying pavers on the patio or walkway in a diagonal pattern. You can also do the same for decking. For instance, planks diagonally across a square deck versus vertically and horizontally. It’s also best to incorporate stepping stones along with decking and pavers.

Backyard Design Ideas

Vertical Gardening

In a small backyard, space is a precious asset. You should use available vertical surfaces and plant up in small spaces. Whether you decide to grow lush flowering vines, vegetables or herbs, a vertical garden will soften boundaries, create a green backyard oasis, and make your backyard look larger.

Create a vacation spot

A small backyard will feel stylish if you transform it into a vacation spot. You can create a backyard room with a grill and a beautifully organized patio set. Or you can add a special feature such as cozy reading nook, fire pit, or fountain to make this small space worth the visit.

Select the right trees

You can plant trees in a tiny backyard provided that you pick ones that grow vertically rather than out. Thinner, taller shapes, like dwarf varieties of shrubs, and columnar evergreens provides you with lush landscaping without occupying all the space.

Use levels

You can make a small backyard appear larger by incorporating terraced landscaping, which helps to designate your backyard spaces terraced. A lower wall can also double as bench seating, while terracing can carve out more plantings space.

Backyard Design Ideas

Backyard Design Ideas For You!

We, at Premier Pools & Spas are all about working with you to create the backyard you want. We hope that these backyard design ideas will be useful in transforming your small Gulf Coast backyard into a spacious area. If you have any questions or need any additional help, contact us today!

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