You have chosen a reliable pool building company and worked with experienced pool designers to design your ideal Gulf Coast pool. Your backyard is ready, all the permits are ready, you are ready for the actual gunite pool installation to start.

Now get ready for a little bit of regulated chaos. Sometimes it can be hard to watch, but all of that chaos comes with a purpose. The building process for gunite inground pools involve several stages. Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast professionals have laid out those stages for you. Let’s get started.

Gunite Pool Installation


The spot where your new gunite pool will be is now occupied by lots of dirt. The first phase in the gunite installation process is removing that dirt. So get ready for excavation equipment, disturbances, and a little bit of a mess. While lots of the dirt will be carried away, some might be set aside onsite for use in later phases of the construction.

Starting building and plumbing

Once we remove the soil, the gunite pool installation process starts with the steel rebar. The steel functions like a skeleton, giving the gunite shell support. Our professionals bend and shape the steel carefully to create the contours you want. You will also see plumbing signs as we fix pipes for the returns, drains, skimmers and cleaner lines.

It won’t look like a swimming pool at this point, but be patient. It’s getting closer, and as soon as this initial work is checked and approved, the pool building process will continue.

Gunite Pool Installation

Installing the gunite

Gunite is a special mixture of cement, water, and sand. A pressure hose sprays it into place to form a thick layer of hard concrete, which is ideal for gunite pool installation. Our installers will use trowels to hand-finish after spraying the material onto the steel skeleton before it’s left to cure (dry). It usually takes a couple of weeks for the gunite to completely cure.

Surrounding the swimming pool

The gunite is now in place. Our pool builders will turn their focus on the area that surrounds your new pool. They will install the coping stones, which form the upper edge of your pool’s walls. Our professionals will finish any grading around the swimming pool as well as working on the pool deck. Now it’s starting to look like a pool.

Finishing touches

We apply an interior finish after curing that helps to waterproof the pool’s shell. There are lots of choices for textures and colors, so you can select the finish that is best suited for your style. A certified electrician will also finish the electrical work. Lastly, there’s the installation of the pool’s mechanical equipment.

Gunite Pool Installation

Get the Best Pool Builder!

We’re a full-service gunite pool installation company with a team that’s highly trained. Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast takes pride in offering outstanding customer support and high-quality pools that will bring joy for many years to come. Let’s show you why we are Gulf Coast’s top commercial and residential pool builder. Call us today to request a free quote.

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