Are you thinking about how you can build a pool in your Gulf Coast property? There’s no doubt that constructing a pool is an amazing process to look at. But having your own outdoor space transformed by Premier Pools & Spas to have fun in, is even better than you can picture! Well, how long should you wait? While we cannot give the exact time, we will provide you with a general analysis of how long you will probably be swimming from the moment you choose us as your pool builder.

Pool construction is time-consuming process, sure; however, it can be split up to a couple of general phases to get a proper picture of where you’re in the process; beginning with pool design and permitting, to the big dig, plastering, and then lastly unwinding on your tanning ledge while enjoying your dream pool.

Pool design and permitting – 1 – 8 weeks

The journey to a new swimming pool begins with a design. While the process of designing a new pool is as easy as ever with the help of our 3D modeling technology, there will probably be a lot of phases while we assist you to design the best swimming pool custom fit to what you imagine. Furthermore, permitting is usually out of our control. We, at Premier Pools & Spas, have many years of expertise working together with municipalities. This can be a lengthy process or an easy process depending on your location. Our professionals will do everything they can to speed up the process of installing a pool for you.

Excavation – one week

Scheduling the excavation comes after the design and permits are in place. This is often a speedy process, but specific things do impact the timing, accessibility, and more. In many cases, it takes a day or two to complete the process.

Build a Pool

Steel, electrical, plumbing – 1- 2 weeks

After excavating, what follows is laying the steel, electrical routing and plumbing. We ensure that everything is ready for a lasting pool in your backyard. There are many things to build around, which include spas, water features, lighting, and more. This procedure is still relatively fast and we can finish it within 14 days. But this will depend on your pool’s complexity and size.

Gunite, plastering, fiberglass, vinyl –1 to 3 weeks

It’s a relatively simple process if you are installing a fiberglass or vinyl pool since the manufactured swimming pool liner is delivered and fixed. It will take a little longer if you are getting a gunite pool. The gunite crew has to be scheduled, then plaster and giving the gunite time to cure (roughly taking up to 7 days).

Deck, landscape design, customized features -1 to 4 weeks

This is the last stage before you can before you enjoy your swimming pool. It involves installing the deck, landscaping your yard, fire features, custom lighting, water features, and more. Your backyard oasis is ready for filling, and professionals at Premier Pools & Spas are doing all the final work to make sure your dream pool is ready. This pool building process will depend mostly on the number of custom features you require and the type of design.

Build a Pool

Overall time to build a pool in your backyard –6 to 10 weeks approximately

Your long awaited backyard oasis is ready to have fun in! While it might seem like a lengthy process to build a pool, taking 6 – 10 weeks, it’s the twinkling of an eye compared to the many years of fun that will be had in your new backyard oasis. If you have any questions about how to build a pool and the process involved, do not hesitate to locate one of our Premier Pools & Spas locations and call us with questions.

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