Do you know that inground pool features are great additions to your Gulf Coast backyard paradise? Can you envision anything better than owning a swimming pool in your own outdoor space? Having your own pool means, you will never have to jostle with the people at the community swimming center, nor would you put up with long drives to a jam-packed beach either. For most, installing a pool has long been viewed as a luxurious expense. Inground pools are fast gaining popularity in most homes in Gulf Coast.

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Here are some inground pool features to give your backyard that wow factor!

Pool lighting

Are you aware that pool lighting is a must have inground pool features? There’s a variety of pool lights designed for inground pools. With the availability of both floating and underwater swimming pool lights, you’ll find the right one to create the atmosphere you want for your evening swim. Simple to install and operate, inground swimming pool lights shine enough light to brighten up the whole swimming pool.

Backyard Flora

Trees and plants are, obviously, must-haves in your Gulf Coast outdoor space, particularly when you have an inground swimming pool.  You can strategically use bushes to surround the area around your inground pool. Let enough garden and play area between the fence and your swimming pool. Add flowery plants and trees around the fence’s perimeter. This will make the swimming pool the centerpiece of your backyard, without it becoming an eyesore. You and your loved ones will surely love spending time at the pool.

Inground Pool Features

Waterfalls and fountains

Other exciting inground pool features to add are fountains and waterfalls. Fountains are a breeze to install and give a stunning point of interest for your pool. Swimmers happily play in the fountain’s spray. Apart from creating they a great visual effect, they also add to relaxation with the sound of falling pool water.

Pool decking

Decking is an important component of any swimming pool. An inground swimming pool comes with numerous decking choices. For instance, a standard resin deck can match the look of an inground pool. It is the most cost-effective decking choice. For a swimming pool deck that will stand out, think about using wood. The drawback here is that wood decking needs constant maintenance and cleaning. Since water affects wood, you’ll probably, replace the deck after every couple of years.  A great alternative is a composite deck. It can replicate the look of wood but without the need for that much maintenance. Actually, you a composite deck rarely need maintenance. It can last for long as well!

Inground Pool Features

Ready For Your Inground Pool?

There are lots of things that you can incorporate into your inground pool to customize it for your lifestyle. Inground pool features will make your pool the ideal spot to workout, throwing the ultimate pool party, and relaxing. Are you all obsessed with getting your own inground pool? Talk to Premier Pools of Gulf Coast, AL. today and let’s construct you one!

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