Once you have an idea of how much your new gunite inground pool will cost, the next big question is how to install it. Construction involves a lot of steps and varies depending on a lot of factors. Gunite inground pools usually take 6 to 8 weeks from excavation to your first dip. (That time frame does not include the process of getting permits, which can be challenging.)

how to install a gunite pool

Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast is here to help you with everything from custom pool design and building to maintenance. Let’s get started.

How to install your gunite pool

1. Design

Good design is where the pool building process begins. Thinking through the way you will use the gunite pool will impact shape, size, and depth. Another key decision is the placement of the swimming pool in your Gulf Coast backyard. All of these decisions are important before making any progress on constructing the pool. Our goal is to build a gunite inground pool that best suits your needs. You’ll be happy with your backyard oasis for many years to come!

2. Dig

The excavation will be about one foot deeper than the actual swimming pool will be. This is to enable room for the pool’s foundation. A lip will be left around your future pool’s perimeter. This is to allow enough space to place forms for the concrete.

3. Plumbing, gas, and electric

The plumbing is going to be the basis for water flow. This is to help keep your pool clean after installation. At this stage, our pool technicians will do the plumbing on any additional water features such as water stream or waterfalls. Electricity will be important for swimming pool running. Gas lines to the heater have to be run to the location of the equipment as well.

how to install a gunite pool

4. Rebar

Installing rebar will help to make sure that the swimming pool will have your preferred shape and that it remains sturdy over time. Local construction codes will play a part in the particulars of the rebar’s configuration. Framing of any other custom features, such as sitting areas, ledges, or stairs in your swimming pool will happen at this stage.

5. Spraying the gunite

This process takes a lot of time, and high-quality work is crucial here to ensure you have a strong, long-lasting backyard pool. Once gunite is applied, it will need spraying down from time to time during the process of curing. This is to ensure your gunite pool gets the strongest possible frame. Once complete, you’ll see your pool’s basic shape.

6. Adding the finish

There are a wide variety of pool finishes and associated prices. We can help you pick a finish that will go with your gunite inground pool. What follows is filling up your new pool with water.

7. Chemicals

You’ll want to add the needed chemicals, based on the type of system you’re installing, from chlorine to salt, etc. Remember to safety test the pool water before you swim in it. Our experienced pool technicians will show you how you can test the pool chemicals regularly.

how to install a gunite pool

Ready For Your Own Backyard Pool?

Installing a gunite pool in your Gulf Coast home is a very fascinating process. Working with the best gunite pool builder can make all the difference. Call Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast for a free consultation and estimate. We want to be your Gulf Coast Gunite inground pool builder!

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