A lot of components go into the building of a gunite inground pool. Knowing what they are and understanding some common phrases associated with the building process will help you in your conversations with your Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast builder. Let’s get started.

Gunite Inground Pool


Excavation involves the digging out of the ground for the gunite pool installation.


This is a concrete mixture that has higher cement content, very small pea gravel and considerably less water.


It is the section in the gunite inground pool where it goes from shallow to deep.


It is the steel reinforcement utilized as the skeleton of the inground pool for the gunite to hold fast. Rebar helps keep the pool from cracking as well.

Bond beam

This is the gunite’s top part where the builder places the tile. This section of the swimming pool is usually 12 inches thick for added strength.

Gunite Inground Pool


A Pebble is an interior finish that though it’s more durable than plaster it’s not smooth as smooth. This is because of the random shapes and sizes of the pebbles.


This is the pool’s interior finish, which makes it waterproof and smooth.


This is where the water from the pool pump goes to catch the debris out of the swimming pool.


A pump is a piece of equipment that will move the pool water from and back to the swimming pool.


This is the rectangle-shaped hole at the tile line in which the debris that’s sucked in by the pool pump passes through first.

Main drain

This is another suction point in the inground pool. You can find it at the deep end floor of the gunite inground pool. It helps suck up tiny debris and sends it through the pool filter.


This often means in-floor cleaner. It’s a cleaner that’s built into the gunite pool. These use nozzles that stick out and shoot pool water out so as to filter out the particles.

Gunite Inground Pool

Ready for Your Own Dream Pool?

These are just some of the things that should help you be familiar with a few parts of what goes into gunite pool building. Once your gunite inground pool is installed, you can rely on Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast to ensure it continues to provide you with years of reliable use. Give us a call today!

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