Gunite pool construction is a huge decision in your Gulf Coast home, and we, at Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast believe that it’s important to prepare you for the process in advance. Our pool builders will walk you through the project’s different stages. It’s fascinating to watch all the construction aspects come together.

gunite pool construction

Here’s a look at the gunite pool construction process to get you started,

Project design

The initial step in the gunite pool construction process is the first meeting between you and one of our skilled Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast design experts. Here, our pool technicians identify what you, as the client, are seeking in the overall landscape and pool layout.

The pool technician will then take a comprehensive survey of the suggested area. This will include your home and accessibility to the building site, construction challenges, lot dimensions, location of utilities, and positioning. Within a couple of days, our technician will have a plan ready. They will also have a proposed gunite pool construction cost for the swimming pool ready for you to go over.

Permits and approvals

Assessment of relevant construction codes for your area is done, and permits got accordingly. During this period, you can assist with the preparation by moving any obstructions, moving lawn furniture, and removing plants that could prevent entry to the area and finish the gunite pool construction.

Pool layout and excavation

After the approval of plans and permits, the swimming pool elevation is set and lined out. Next, the excavation process can start. During this process, the professionals trim back the swimming pool walls, and the excavation starts.

Steel and plumbing

Now the actual gunite pool construction begins. The technicians use steel rebar to reinforce the hole. Based on your geographical area, the amount may differ. The steel rebar works like the skeleton for the swimming pool. It offers structural support for the pool’s shell. The technicians bend it into position to wrap around curves and steps, following the shape of the excavation.

gunite pool construction

Structure and rough plumbing

The pool technicians do this right after installing the steel. It involves the installation of return line “stubs”, skimmers, pre-plumbing of raised spas, main drains and light niches.

Pool flooring and tile

At this stage, the installation of the pool flooring takes place. Once the gunite is fixed, you can pick a tile for your swimming pool. There are lots of textures and colors that you can select from to suit your style.

Final plumbing

The completion of your pool’s plumbing will take place once the pool technicians finish flooring and tile. This is to ensure your swimming pool has excellent circulation and filtration. Good plumbing will keep the water clean throughout the summertime.

Equipment set up and electric

Our pool technicians will then set up the pool’s filtration equipment, which includes the water pumps. Next, it’s time for an electrician to run the pool equipment power and the pool lights for the first time. Now is the best time to run the pool heater. This will ensure the electric is safe for daily use.

Clean up and finish

Since the deck is ready, it’s safe to remove all scrap materials from the construction site. The interior of your pool is then coated with your preferred finish and lastly filling with water.

Start up

Once the swimming pool is full, a pool expert will check all the equipment and the pool one final time. You’ll then get training on daily maintenance operations, and your swimming pool will be safe and ready to swim in.

gunite pool construction

When you choose to do a gunite pool construction with Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast, you’ll have a devoted project manager available to ensure the smooth flow of the project. Our professionals will be there to handle any concerns or questions you have as the construction of your dream pool continues.

Do you still have questions? A custom pool design professional will be glad to review each stage with you. All you need to do is contact us today!

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