Your gunite pool maintenance cost will vary based on your pool’s size, system, hardware and if you plan on taking care of your own Gulf Coast pool. The DIY approach is a choice for handy pool owners that are ready to invest time and are knowledgeable about the pool chemistry basics. Another option is to hire the best Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast professionals that will do weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pool maintenance.

Gunite Pool Maintenance Cost

Gunite pool maintenance cost & maintaining a clean pool

As a pool owner, you should know maintenance cost and what’s needed. This is because gunite pools that are uncared for often have algae buildup. They are also infested with mosquito and other aesthetic and health problems. You should keep your gunite inground pool on a consistent maintenance timetable. This will ensure that you won’t need to worry about these kinds of issues.


You should skim debris off the pool’s surface with a skimmer. Based on your pool’s size, it might take more time. However, average pools will take approximately 20 minutes to skim. You should skim your pool every day or two because debris that goes unskimmed will most likely sink to the pool’s bottom. Skimmers will often cost you approximately $7.

Chlorine treatment

This is important to keep your gunite pool clean. Chlorine’s work is to neutralize bacteria in your gunite swimming pool. It’s available in tablet or liquid form. You need to make this part of your routine gunite pool maintenance cost. Get a 2-gallon liquid chlorine container that will go for approximately $7 or you can spend $60-$70 for a container of 25-pound tablets.

Gunite Pool Maintenance Cost

Testing kits

As a pool owner, you need to get a basic testing kit. When you have one, you can see the pH levels of your pool. You should take a small sample of pool water and add the necessary chemicals to the solution. Many of the basic kits you will see will test for alkalinity, bromide, chlorine, and acidity. The test kits cost you approximately $15. You should replace the kits’ solutions over time at a cost you approximately $8.

Pool vacuum

You will discover there are fine particles the skimmer will not pick up. This is why you require a pool vacuum that will add to the gunite pool maintenance cost. Vacuuming needs to be done to pick up the particles that sink to the pool’s bottom. An automatic or robotic vacuum will run on an average $200 – $600 and will look after this chore on its own.

You can even choose a manual vacuum that will cost you around $20, where you will have to vacuum at least once weekly manually.

Gunite Pool Maintenance Cost

Gunite Pool Maintenance Cost – Conclusion

If you find that you do not have time to take care of the maintenance of your pool, a pool expert is a good choice. A Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast pool service technician will stop by your home and make sure your pool runs smoothly throughout the season. This will eliminate lots of hassle and guesswork out of maintaining a healthy gunite pool. Our technicians are well-informed with all systems, which include chlorine generators to ward off mistakes that might end up resulting in expensive repairs in the long run. Contact us today!

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