There are lots of times when issues can happen with your Gulf Coast inground gunite pool such as deterioration. This will often need replacing or fixing immediately. Gunite pool resurfacing is one of the major remodeling services, which can restore the appearance of a pool and make it look as good as new. Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast can offer you the repair services required to provide your swimming pool with a look far better than when it was first built.

gunite pool resurfacing

Signs it is time to think about gunite pool resurfacing:


Stains are available in colors, sizes, and shapes. Usually, a stain on the surface of your pool is a superficial damage; often more irritating than serious. Our pool technicians know exactly how annoying a swimming pool stain is when it is the one thing that captures your eye each time you are near your swimming pool.

Most stains on pool surfaces are due to:

  • Algae (green or red)
  • Leaves and other natural debris
  • Mineral and chemical inputs

If stains increase in quantity or size, or if frequent tries to clean and remove the stains are ineffective, you should consider gunite pool resurfacing.


How is the texture of your pool surface? If the gunite is starting to show through or if it has a rough texture than you think it should, well, that is a bad sign. The surface of your pool is wearing down. And it is getting worse.


Is your gunite pool holding water properly? The possibility of a damaged or worn out pool surface leaking water is extremely good.

gunite pool resurfacing

And similar to a wearing down surface, pool leaks will only worsen if ignored. This in turns means your water bill continues increasing until a full gunite pool resurfacing is done.

Here’s some gunite pool resurfacing options:

Pebble finish

It is pretty much like the pool plaster finish. The main difference is that pebbles are added to the mixture of sand and cement. This minor change results in several differences. To start with, this finish is far more durable, usually anticipated to last up to 12 years, which is an important improvement. Furthermore, it’s more resistant to stain than a finish of plain pool plaster.

Pool plaster

This is the most popular material for pool finish. It is the most affordable choice for gunite pool resurfacing. But this price has a shorter span than many other options for pool resurfacing. This type of pool finish is expected to be totally functional for 7 years when you’re expected to resurface it once more.

Quartz aggregate

Quartz aggregate surface features a mixture of plaster and tiny pieces river stones, glass beads, quartz, and many more.

This pool finish is harder and more stain resistant; not forgetting it offers a swimming pool a unique, deluxe look.

gunite pool resurfacing

Ready for Your Own Dream Pool?

From gunite pool resurfacing to entire swimming pool remodeling, Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast can provide you with the pool you have always imagined having. Feel free to contact us to talk about your remodeling needs or your pool and spa service needs. Let’s create the backyard oasis of your dreams!

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