A gunite inground pool is the best spot to cool off during the summer season. It’s also a spot to unwind next to the soothing sound of pool water and have fun with friends and family. But constructing a gunite inground pool is a huge investment. It’s a building project that needs heavy machinery, so most homeowners entrust this work to the experts. Before you are ready to begin your Gulf Coast pool project, familiarize more on what determines gunite pools prices.

gunite pools prices

As an estimate, you should expect to spend from $25,000 to $50,000 for a gunite pool. Obviously, that is assuming an average sized gunite pool, with average materials, in an average city with an average living cost, and average extras.

Here are some things that will determine gunite pools prices:

Custom swimming pool shapes

If you’re looking for a non-standard freeform pool shape, you will definitely spend more than for a standard shape swimming pool.

Pool materials

Materials you will use in the construction will determine the price. Gunite and fiberglass are highest quality materials and will cost you more than liner.

The depth of the pool

Clients looking for a deeper swimming pool can expect to spend more. The project will need additional digging and labor. Then again, if you are constructing a shallow swimming pool, the price is far less.

Gunite Pools Alabama

The location

Usually, the cost differs state by state, if you live in an affluent neighborhood, you’ll have to pay more. You will also need to get permits, which can be a huge cost based on where you live.

Size of the pool

This is an important point in determining the price of a gunite pool.

Additional features to consider include:

These can easily cost more than the actual swimming pool. Below are some of the features that can increase gunite pools prices.

Diving boards

The price of these features can run $400 or more. Remember that if you need a higher diving board, you’ll require a deeper swimming pool, which is on the higher side.


Without a doubt, adding a spa to your gunite pool greatly increases the cost. But for most people, a spa is an important addition whose price should be considered from the start.

Gunite pools prices- Outlook for 2019

One more variable when it comes to gunite pools prices that’s extremely hard to overlook, is time. Just like everything else, prices are subject to change. With the improvement of the housing market and the economy, it is not likely that the gunite pools prices will reduce, since they are rather correlative. In short, if you have been considering buying a swimming pool, acting sooner will most likely help you save money.

gunite pools prices

Get Started With Your Pool Project!

As you start to get a proper picture of gunite pools prices, you must also start planning how to finance it, which include any pool financing you might need. The earlier you begin to plan, the sooner you can be unwinding in your new gunite pool.

If you are ready, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast for a free pool estimate. We will schedule a time to stop by your home and help design your new gunite pool.

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