freeformthumbSo, you’ve finally decided to get an inground pool. Which will you get? You have to choose between gunite, vinyl and fiberglass, which offer different advantages and disadvantages.

Vinyl Inground Pool
Of your pool options, a vinyl pool costs the least initially. It requires less labor and can be installed in 3 weeks. You can choose from several pre-designed pool shapes, as well as a variety of liner colors ad patterns.

Vinyl is smooth to the touch. It is also non-porous, which minimizes algae growth. However, the material also poses some disadvantages. You have to be careful with it. You can’t have any sharp objects around the pool – but normally, you won’t anyway. If you have trees or bushes near your pool area though, a loose twig or branch can cause damage.

A major consideration in getting a vinyl inground pool is the continuing expense that comes with it. Liners degrade with time and use. They need to be replaced every 10 years, on average. Because of this, a vinyl pool usually get a lower resale value.

Fiberglass Inground Pool
Cost-wise, a fiberglass pool is on the other end of the spectrum. It can be the most expensive type of pool. But, it is also the fastest to install. You can get a pool within a week or even sooner.

This pool comes in limited styles and sizes. It is manufactured in a factory and transported to your place, ready to install. What it lacks in variety, it makes up for in convenience. A fiberglass pool is smooth to the touch and non-porous. It deters the growth of algae, on top of being easy to clean and maintain. You will generally spend less on pool sanitizing chemicals when you you have a fiberglass pool.

Gunite Inground Pool
Finally, you have a gunite inground pool to consider. This one is the most flexible of your choices. It can come in different shapes, sizes and designs. You can vary its features, textures, and whatever else you want – as long as you are willing to wait to get your pool built. Build time is at least a month.

Concrete is porous so you will need to clean your pool regularly and diligently. You will also have to renovate your pool every 10 to 20 years. So, with a gunite pool, expect a more costly maintenance.

Choosing Your Inground Pool

Talk to your Long Island pool builder about your options. Discuss your priorities and situation. Buying a swimming pool for your backyard is a major decision. And you should know each budget, design and maintenance consideration.