Homeowners considering installing a pool usually ask between gunite vs concrete which is best to use in the building of their new pool. Actually, it is certainly one of the frequently asked questions our clients have when it comes to a backyard pool.

Gunite vs Concrete

Here at Premier Pools & Saps of Gulf Coast, we design and build custom pools. These types of inground pools provide lots of benefits. Here’s more information about gunite vs concrete.

Gunite vs concrete: Here’s what you should know about each type:


A gunite pool is a swimming pool shell created by spraying at high pressure and speed, a mixture of dry cement.

Benefits of gunite:

  • With regards to cost, this process is relatively less expensive.
  • Smoother surface finish.
  • Higher compressive strength than shotcrete (7,000 – 9 ,500 psi).
  • No shrinkage cracks formed.
  • The material for gunite getting dryer, will become harder on curing.

Benefits of concrete

Poured concrete provides more design flexibility than any other kind of pool building. Since concrete swimming pools are built onsite from a material which is poured into forms, then hardens, they are often any shape and size. There are lots of choices for the interior finish of concrete swimming pools, from tile to paint to a pebbled surface.

Gunite vs Concrete

Pools built with concrete are a popular option for many that need an oddly shaped swimming pool or for households that like a large swimming pool with curved edges. For instance, an oval or circular that is larger than the ordinary fibreglass types. The structure of a properly designed, well-built concrete swimming pool can last almost forever if the swimming pool is on a stable site. For some constructions, concrete is often the best option.

Providing durability

Concrete lasts for many years, and contrary to other swimming pool materials, it does not need restoration. Your money is more wisely invested in something that will last almost for a lifetime, even if it needs a bigger expense up-front.

Offering variety

When you use concrete as your main material, it’s possible to customize your pool, offering extensive flexibility in design. You can add tiles around the boundaries for a stunning look. All these choices will bring a far more stylish look to any swimming pool setting.

Enhancing your property’s look

As long as you hire the best Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast professionals, you will get a significant improvement in the look of your home after installing a concrete pool. These professionals have experience in offering fresh ideas you might have not thought about. There are several ways to transform the form of the landscape as a result of the concrete pool. You’ll have created a new and fascinating ambiance for you to live in.

Gunite vs Concrete

Gunite vs Concrete – Conclusion

We love talking pools about as much as we love designing and building custom pools. If you have questions about gunite vs concrete pools or any other question on which swimming pool material would be great for your outdoor space, give Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast a call today!

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