It’s the Halloween season and Premier Pools & Spas of Vacaville is ready to show you how you can decorate for the part. Having an inground swimming pool is the first step when decorating your backyard for Halloween. Premier Pools & Spas is going to walk you through how to safely decorate your swimming pool for the holidays. We are located in over 40 locations across the United States and can build you the swimming pool of your dreams; contact us today!

halloween pool ideas

Easy Halloween Pool Ideas

There are plenty of easy and achievable Halloween pool decorations that can be set up both in and outside of your swimming pool. One thing that we recommend is that you and your family has fun setting up these decorations and that you do it safely!

The first idea that you can do to decorate your backyard is throwing pumpkins into the pool. It is as easy as it sounds, and you can turn this into a family event. Everyone loves attending pumpkin patches and there are hundreds to pick from in the Vacaville area. Take your family out and pick pumpkins from your local pumpkin patches! Now before you throw the pumpkins into the pool make sure to wash them of with a garden hose. This way there isn’t any dirt ending up into the swimming pool. If you forget to wash off your pumpkins before throwing them into the swimming pool, make sure to vacuum and brush down your swimming pool so the dirt is filtered out of  your swimming pool. You may end up having to shock your swimming pool if it becomes cloudy within the following days.

Second, you can dye your swimming pool! If you want to dye your swimming pool a different color this is definitely doable; however, keep in mind that the dye has to contain no chemicals that will interfere with the filtration system of your swimming pool. This type of dye can be found at most supermarkets or supply stores. We recommend that you add red dye to your swimming pool as it will look like your swimming pool is filled with blood, which is perfect for Halloween.

Lastly, for the simple and easy decorations, you can set up headstones & skeletons that appear to be coming up from the ground around your swimming pool. This could even seem like your backyard is a graveyard. With all of these Halloween decorations, your backyard oasis will definitely have turned into a creepy graveyard.

Halloween Pool ideas

Halloween Pool Ideas – Going All Out

With these next Halloween decorations, you’re taking your backyard to the next level. These Halloween ideas are more complicated and need adult supervision to complete. A friendly reminder from Premier Pools & Spas to be safe and careful when assembling these decorations.

First, it is time to turn on the lights and get some bubbling soap. This is a creative way to turn your swimming pool into a creepy cauldron, and if you decide to throw a Halloween party this is going to be the element of that your guests without a doubt will never forget. Adding bubbles to your swimming pool shouldn’t effective the chemical balance significantly; however if it does, contact Premier Pool Service for a free water analysis quote and we can get your swimming pool running smoothly once again.

Plexiglass pool covers will allow you to have a dance floor on top of your swimming pool.  You can have some creepy critters underneath the cover and really scare your guests out of their skin. This is something you have to be dedicated to, if you want to install a pool cover over your swimming pool. This can be costly, but most definitely worth it if you are going to be having guests over for a Halloween party.

halloween pool ideas

Enjoying Your Halloween

With all of these amazing Halloween pool ideas, you are sure to have a great Halloween party and scare all of your friends. Having the backyard of your dreams helps with the process of decorating for Halloween. Having a pool makes every party more interesting but the backyard pool party with Halloween theme is even better.

Getting a new inground swimming pool is easier than you think. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Vacaville today to receive a FREE quote. Smart buyers build their swimming pools in the fall that way they can enjoy their new inground swimming pools when summer comes around.

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