Big outdoor spaces offer lots of landscaping options. But at times all that additional space makes it more difficult for Redding homeowners to decide what to do. The beauty of big swimming pools is that they offer lots of space for pool workouts such as pool sports, water jogging, and lap swimming. If the pool is deep enough, you can also add a waterfall or diving board. The big pool even accommodates a large crowd during pool parties. In addition, a big pool can be quite appealing.

big swimming pools

At Premier Pools & Spas of Redding, we also provide pools full of wonderful features such as pools with splash decks and a combination of pool and spa, which can fit into bigger backyard spaces.

Here are some ideas for big swimming pools for anybody who owns a big backyard:

Lazy River Pool

We, at Premier Pools, Redding pool builders can construct you a Lazy River similar to the ones located at the most luxurious resorts worldwide. They can be built at residential pools, not just water parks and resorts. These pool designs offer possibilities, which are never-ending not only in big backyards but also in limited areas as well.

The Riviera

The only words you can use to describe these pools are adaptability and suitability. This is a pool design appears to blend perfectly with any property site and any property style. Its stunning freeform design and flowing lines are great for any landscape. The pool’s beauty isn’t its only feature since this swimming pool is truly the best pool for the family.

big swimming pools

The big wrap around bench located at the pool’s shallow end is a good feature. Not only is it a play spot for the children but it is simply ideal for adult seating too. The wide steps provide access to the pool’s floor and the bench area. This is one of our preferred pools since it brings together landscaping versatility with a functionality that can meet the needs of your loved ones.

The Moroccan

This is a spacious oasis with space for the entire family and is available in a variety of sizes. Whether cooling off, swimming laps, playing games or relaxing, this design can meet all your needs.

The Reflection

This classy rectangular pool features entry steps perfectly placed at the pool’s both ends with a full-length bench seat to meet several purposes, and not compromise swimming space.

With the steps and full-length bench on the pool’s side, the design permits the pool’s deepest section to be well away from any home foundations. For this reason, it can let the swimming pool to be built closer to the house, which is an amazing benefit where there’s a limited space for installing a pool.

big swimming pools

Interested in Your Own Unique Redding Pool?

Large outdoor spaces have a lot of possibilities. The trick is figuring out what choices seem sensible for you, your outdoor space, and your wallet. Should you have any questions about installing big swimming pools, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Redding today!

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