Swimming in Marin County swimming pools can be so much fun. It can give you, your friends and family many hours of fun. You’ll also find a lot of health benefits, which come along with installing custom pools in Marin County, CA. Whether or not you jump into your new inground pool to workout, you’ll be offering your body an exercise each time you spend time in your backyard oasis.

Marin County Swimming Pools

Here are some of the health benefits that Marin County swimming pools offer homeowners:

No possibility of injury:

As one gets older, the body gets more delicate. You might experience stiff muscle or joints, issues with balance, and weak knees. By swimming in your own pool you can workout without hurting or stressing your body. Working out in the swimming pool lets the water take some of the pressure off the joints without you getting hurt.

Apart from swimming laps in your new oasis, you can also include other workouts that help build your strength like arm and leg lifts with low resistance water weights.

Muscle toning

When you get on your bike and ride around the local park or run around a track around, you’re giving your body an exercise. Unfortunately, you are just exercising certain body parts. Your legs are often made to do the hard work during those workouts. This means you will not be able to exercise the arms a lot when you are doing them. With Marin County swimming pools, you’ll have a full body exercise since your whole body will be made to put more effort to propel you through the pool water. This will increase the muscle tone in several body parts, and you’ll soon discover why a lot of people use pools to exercise.

Marin County Swimming Pools

Better flexibility

When swimming in your own pool, you’ll exercise more than merely the muscles. Your ligaments and joints will also have to stay loose to make movements in the swimming pool. From your elbows to your hips to your knees, you’ll stretch your ligaments and joints out each time you’re in the swimming pool. Swimming will also put less strain on your ligaments and joints than walking or running would.

A healthy heart

It may not likely feel like it when you are doing laps in your pool; however, swimming is an aerobic workout that helps in strengthening the heart. You may not know it because you are not sweating in the pool; however, you will be pushing the heart and making it much healthier when swimming.

Psychological health:

Looking for an effective way to relax after a tiring day at work? Are you under pressure of feeling down? Marin County swimming pools can greatly boost the mood of pool users.

You can reduce anxiety and stress by relaxing in your pool. Also, when you workout in the swimming pool, you’re stimulating the body that causes it to release endorphins from the brain.

Marin County Swimming Pools

Ready for Your Own Backyard Pool?

These are just some of the most important health benefits of Marin County swimming pools. And in addition to all these advantages, swimming is one kind of workout that most admit is really fun. Do you want to learn more about the great things about owning a pool? Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Marin today.

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