A swimming pool requires proper care and maintenance to give you a good time when in use. If you do not want to undertake the tasks yourself, you can find the best pool service company to help you maintain your swimming pool. If you are in College Station, you may check out College Station 1st month free pool service, and save on pool maintenance costs.

Your swimming pool is one of the places that will inspire great memories and bonding time with family and friends. Your backyard will provide relaxation time, a chance to exercise in the comfort of your home, as well as the ideal location for parties and barbecues.

What better swimming pool company to choose than that which offers the College Station 1st Month Free Pool Service? Get your pool maintained by professionals who will ensure that you and your family enjoy the chemically balanced water, right pH levels and safe pool accessories.

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It is important that pool maintenance is free during the whole of the first month. Once you sign up for a pool maintenance program you become eligible to the offer. The pool service offers you weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and annual programs. You do not need to worry about cleaning your pool anymore. Just leave it to the professionals to keep your pool clean and safe all year round.

The offer includes both residential and commercial swimming pools at an affordable cost. The maintenance program includes water chemical testing and adjustment to the recommended amount. They ensure that your pool systems operate efficiently for both standard chlorine systems and salt systems.

Each service visit includes:

Tile brushing when needed

Brushing pool walls

Removal of debris

Pool floor cleaning

Skimmer and pump baskets cleaning

Pool equipment checks

Backwash filter cleaning

Weekly pool operations photos and reports

Pool chemicals and materials

Chemical balancing

This is the most important part of pool maintenance. The pool technicians are trained on how to determine the chemical levels of a pool including pH level, alkalinity, cyanuric acid and chlorine. After evaluating the chemical levels, the technician will add the appropriate chemicals to achieve a balanced chemical level in your pool.

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This is the measurement of how acidic or alkaline the water in your pool is.  The level can range from 6.6 to 8.4. If the water in your pool is more acidic the pH will be on the lower range and vice versa. For your pool to have a balanced pH, it should be between 7.4 and 7.6. If your pool is acidic it will try to raise its Ph by mixing itself with elements in the pool. This can lead to corrosion and ultimately pool damage. On the other hand, when the pool water is too alkaline it attempts to lower its pH level by depositing elements, which result in a buildup of harmful minerals and scale.

Calcium hardness

This is a measurement of how much calcium is in your pool water. High calcium hardness causes the pool water to be cloudy. Low calcium levels lead to damage in plaster finish and pool tiles as the water seeks to raise its calcium level.

Cleaning the pool

The pool company technicians will visit your home every week for pool cleaning. This will involve the removal of debris and any other foreign materials that could be present in your pool. The top of the pool is swept and the surface tiles are thoroughly scrubbed to remove any build up of algae.

Choose a pool company that is committed to keeping their customers happy and satisfied. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the College Station 1st month free pool service, today!


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