When you’re in the College Station, Bryan or surrounding areas, despite what the rest of the world things, you do get rain and pool care after the rain is different than during dry times. In this article, we are going to talk more about pool care and how you can take care of your pool after it rains.

Pool Care When the Rains Have Gone

Pool water circulationSome people aren’t aware that the rain can mess with their pool’s chemistry. Rain can be acidic and cause challenges with the pH balance. After a heavy rain has taken place, you will also have extra water remaining in your pool and this can dilute your pool’s chemistry. If it didn’t rain too hard, you shouldn’t have to worry about your pool‘s chemistry. Carry on with normal maintenance.

Preparing for Pool Care

When you are thinking about pool care after it rains, part of that begins before the rain comes. Taking the following steps will help you make your work after the rain much easier.

pool care

#1 – Store Any Free-Standing Objects

Whether these objects are pool toys, furniture, potted plants, grills, smokers – store them. You do not want to leave anything outside when you are looking at a heavy storm. These things could fly into your pool, smash into your home or car and cause serious damage. Cleaning debris out of your pool unnecessarily is no fun.

#2 – Disconnect Electric & Gas

All electric and gas should be disconnected from your pool before the storm. Your pump should be turned off and if you have a timer installed, make sure the timer isn’t going to kick the pump and filter back on during the storm. Any covers you have for your pump or filter, make sure to put those on. You should also cover the heater if you have one.

#3 – Prepare Your Pool’s Water

Balance your pool’s water and add a little algaecide if you have some. This will keep any organic contaminants at bay and make it easier for you to do proper pool care after the storm. Do not empty your pool’s water. If you must take out any water, make sure it is no more than one foot.

pool care

Pool Care After The Rain

Once the rain is gone and things are looking up again, it is time to start your after rain pool care. You can start this by turning on your pool pump and filter. Make sure you have already skimmed the water and removed any debris that got into your pool.

You will also want to brush and vacuum your pool to make sure it is at its cleanest. For those of you that you have a drain at the bottom of the pool, you can use your brush to brush things toward the drain. If you do not have a lot of debris at the bottom of your pool, you can get away with only using an automatic pool cleaner instead of having to do it manually. Make your life even easier and contact us for any pool construction or pool service needs.

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