Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have (or are interested in) a beautiful Premier Pools and Spas hot tub. Hot tubs are a wonderful addition to your backyard oasis, and offer wonderful health benefits like better sleep, and stress and pain relief.

How to Maintain your Hot Tub

Premier Pools and Spas Hot TubHot tub maintenance is a lot like regular pool maintenance, but it’s also quite different. For one, as our friends over at Swim University states, a hot tub is almost like bath you and your family share. Ick! That’s why it’s important to keep up a weekly maintenance schedule.

There are some fantastic and thorough guides to maintaining a hot tub, but here are the most important things you should know:

  • Keep yourself clean. First and foremost, remember to rinse before using your spa. Sweat and the products we use accumulate in your spa leading it to become dirtier faster.
  • Drain your hot tub every 2-3 months. Or more frequently if it gets heavy use.
  • Test it a couple of times a week. Have those test strips ready to go. In less than 15 seconds you can have a reading on the total alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, pH, bromine, and total hardness.
  • Premier Pools and Spas Hot TubTreat as needed.  Once you’ve tested the water, treat with chemicals as needed (it’s good to keep those chemicals on hand)! Add one chemical at a time and wait an hour or so between each addition.
  • Shock your hot tub. If you have a heavily used spa, put an odorizer into the water once a week to destroy the waste from bathers.
  • Clean your filter. Once every two weeks give the filter a good rinse, and use a granular filter cleaner every 3-4 for a deeper cleaning.
  • Be good to your cover. The cover keeps that beautiful water you work so hard to keep up clean. So give your cover some extra love by cleaning it once a month (per the manufacturer’s recommendation), and give vinyl covers a good conditioning every 3-4 months. Handle it with care and never sit on it or drag it.
  • Keep it circulating. Keep your spa on, but turn the temperature down when you’re not using it so the water can circulate. This helps slow algae growth.



Premier Pools and Spas Hot TubHot tubs are a wonderful addition to your backyard oasis, if you’re considering adding a spa onto your existing inground pool, give us a call!

We want to help you build your dream spa!

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