Look out world, if you haven’t seen a Houston Halloween pool party, you haven’t seen anything yet. You know what they say, everything is bigger in Texas, and Houston definitely makes sure to live up to that phrase. If you are attempting to create the perfect Houston Halloween pool party then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about how to setup your Houston Halloween pool party to be the talk of the town.

halloween pool party

Halloween Pool Party – Planning Step 1

Before you start any of the “fun” parts of your Halloween pool party,  you need to think about the numbers. How many people are you going to invite to your Halloween pool party? How much food and how many drinks are you going to need for your Halloween pool party? If you don’t figure out the numbers correctly you could have some thirsty and hungry guests and it doesn’t matter how amazing your Halloween pool party looks because people are going to leave for a bite to eat or to go out to get a drink.

halloween pool party

Halloween Pool Party Decorations

Once the mathematical preparation is complete, you can then begin to sketch a design of how you want your Houston pool party to look. Decorations and setting the scene is extremely fun, especially if you are into the holidays.

Imagine your pool decorated with zombies, mummies and other creepy goblins. Your Halloween pool party will be a lot of fun, but also creepy. There are ways you can incorporate the element of fear into your pool party design. Hanging creepy looking bodies, or common Halloween figures can look spooky. You can even throw props into the pool to really creep people out. What could be worse than looking at your pool and seeing a pair of zombie’s eyes staring out at you?

Some other cool ideas that you could do with your creepy Halloween pool party is to dye the pool red. The red dye would resemble “blood”, and with that filling up your swimming pool your guests are sure to think this is a neat effect. Your pool party can be a real scream with all of these creepy decorations that are set up all around.

Having an inground pool for your Halloween pool party is a great asset because you can do so many things with your pool. You can have zombies coming out of it or you could have a plexiglass pool cover that you can turn into a dance floor with floating zombies underneath your feet. Creepy!

halloween pool party

Having Your Own Pool

The beauty of having your own pool is that you can do with it whatever you want to do with it. Instead of having to worry about whether you are going to find a great party with a pool, you can create your own. Even when there are not parties going on, you can have an amazing time by your pool. Just relaxing by the pool with a good book can help you be able to enjoy your time.

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