When spring comes to Houston, it comes in full force – brightly lit days, stunning nights, and a wide array of vibrant colors. If your backyard and patio are in need of a makeover then here are a few spring outdoor décor ideas and trends that you can make use of.  

Spring Patio

Source: Scott Hargis Photography

Working With Daring Colors On Your Borders

Using the right colors in your Houston backyard can mean the difference between having an outdoor space that is dull and having an outdoor space that is vibrant and full of life. Adding color to your backyard does not have to be a large undertaking, there are simple ways that you can brighten up your backyard with color.

Repainting an outdoor wall is an easy way to add some color to an outdoor space – all it takes is some paint and a free afternoon. Likewise, painting a fence that borders your backyard can also have the same effect as painting an outdoor wall.

Spring Patio 2

Source: Scott Hargis Photography

While having a white fence may seem like an iconic choice, it’s not the best color to use if you really want to spruce up your outdoor area in Houston. Instead, try to make use of colors that work well with the other colors in your backyard. Blues and greens are great safe colors that can complement greenery and water features.

Your Houston Garden Doesn’t Have To Be A Mess Of Color

While it can seem fun (and in tune with the spirit of the season) to go all out and splatter your backyard garden with an assortment of colorful flowers, beauty can also be found in a landscape that makes use of subtler color schemes.

Don’t be afraid of trying out a monotone garden or even a garden that is made up solely of non-flowering plants and shrubs.

Spring Patio 3

Source: Steve Silverman Imaging

Toning down the overbearing colorfulness of your garden can also allow other aspects of your garden and backyard to shine.

Rethink What Your Outdoor Area Means To You

Your Houston backyard doesn’t have to just be a place where your swimming pool resides or colorful rows of flowers bloom – what you ultimately make your backyard is only limited by the power of your imagination.

Cooking and dining don’t have to be limited to your kitchen and your dining room – food can be enjoyed both inside and outside. Placing a grill outside is a great way to enjoy an evening cookout poolside and having your very own backyard bar can allow you to easily enjoy having drinks under the stars.

Likewise, lounging doesn’t have to just be limited to your living room – getting the right outdoor seating  can provide you with a relaxing way to spend time with friends and family or even simply enjoy some alone time. A natural toned outdoor sofa set, when paired with a low brick or stone fire pit, will not only look wonderful, it will also serve as a functional outdoor piece where your family and loved ones will love to hang out.

Interested in Your Own Patio Design?

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