Instead of hiding away from the heat in your house in Houston, it is time to embrace pool trends and get your new backyard paradise. Having a pool in your backyard is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy being outside during the summer. In this article, we are going to talk more about pool trends and which ones should be incorporated into your pool designs.

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Pool Trends to Consider

As you are looking at the pool trends that have come about over the past couple of years, you will notice that some of them have come and gone quickly, but the good pool trends have kept advancing. Here are some of the favorite pool trends you can consider when you are getting ready for your pool.

Dark Colors

In the past, you’ve probably noticed almost everything around the pool has light colors or white. While this does give you a more roomy feeling, it doesn’t set the mood as well as dark colors do. You can be daring and pick one of your favorite dark colors for your pool.


Stones are big when it comes to pool trends. Not only are they alongside the pool now, but they are also used as stepping stones in the pool or places to sit. This makes for a more natural looking swimming pool.

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Sun Shelves

Sun shelves not only are beautiful pool trends, but they are very functional. Having different levels in the pool make it easy for different ages groups to be able to enjoy the pool. Young kids will be able to splash around in the pool’s shallow shelf area while their parents enjoy the lounge chairs and everyone that wants to swim can go off in the deeper end.

Single Depth Pools

A single depth pool is simple and elegant. Multiple depths are made for when people are jumping off the diving board or rockwall. With a single depth  pool it makes it much easier if you are wanting to swim laps in your pool.


These days almost everything is automated. Our phones can run almost our entire lives with the technology that is in place and our pools are one of the things we are able to run from the palm of our hands. There are apps that you can use to set up automated tasks within your pool and you can set timers on different pool equipment to make sure you are getting the pool clean and taken care of.

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Choosing Your Pool Trends

As you are choosing which of the pool trends are your favorite, you will be able to see which ones are going to fit your personal needs. Everyone has different desires for your pool and we would love to help you discover what those are so we can help you with your pool design and construction.

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