Watch the Pool Kings reveal a Southern Oasis for the Frankum family!

During season 7; episode 3 of Pool Kings, Paul and Brian create an outdoor paradise that meets all the Frankum’s desires in a swimming pool. The location of this swimming pool is in Houston, Texas, and the owner of this Premier Pools & Spas office is Bill Unger. Bill addresses the concerns he has about the soil in the Frankum’s backyard.

Pool Kings Season 7 – Episode 4 – Southern Oasis Teaser 4 from Premier Pools & Spas on Vimeo.

Pool Kings: Houston Southern Oasis 1The Outdoor Paradise  

Amy and Ryan Frankum are the homeowners that contacted the Pool Kings to come out and build them their dream oasis. The Frankum’s are a big blended family with 5 kids. “I want a outdoor paradise that everyone can enjoy and where everyone can hangout.” Amy says. Paul shows the Frankum’s the design of their dream pool. The swimming pool starts with the entrance to a sunken seating area and leads up to a kiddie pool. This serves as a place where parents can hangout, while keeping a close eye on the little ones. The swimming pool is equipped with a grotto slide combo. The slide is 20 ft high and the grotto has a secret seating area underneath the waterfall. Behind the grotto is a raised family spa, and grilling zone down off to the side of the swimming pool. “I have an idea for a secret element to add to the Frankum’s swimming pool.” Brian says to his dad, Paul.

Amy’s reaction to the swimming pool design was full of emotion. “You’ve captured everything we’re looking for.”  she says while giving a hug to Paul. Once the hug ends, Paul and Brian purpose two ideas for the Frankum’s to choose from. At the beginning of there swimming pool, they can choose to have water features added in, which will act has dancing water features, or romantic fire bowls. The romantic fire bowls is what the family chooses.

Pool Kings: Houston Southern Oasis 2The Secret Element

Normally excavation tractors start with digging up the shallow end and then move into the deep end, but with the position of the loading trucks the roles had to be switched. Therefore the deep end was dug first, resulting in having to hand dig the deep end because the excavating tractor can only pull up so much dirt being in the deep end. Bill Unger stresses that the dirt in Houston is soft and wet, so when you dig it up the remaining walls will dry out and begin to crack. If the dried out soil cracks too much the walls of dirt could potentially collapse. A solution to this is trusting the re-barb wire that they put up to out line the swimming pool, and hope that the gunite arrives quick enough to hold everything into place. When the gunite goes down Paul and Brian are eager to add the surprise element to the Frankum’s pool. They are trying out glow aggregate, which is essentially glass that responds to UV rays, the sun, and glows at night. The Pool Kings wanted to give off a starry night effect on this southern oasis pool.

Pool Kings: Houston Southern Oasis 3Paul’s Clever Tree Puns

Paul tells the construction crew to take out some posts to the Frankums back deck and extend it down with several cedar posts to create a cover for their new outdoor kitchen. “Okay guys, you’re doing a great job. I’ll cedar later!” Paul laughs, at his own tree pun. Additionally, they’re using big boulder rocks to act as stepping stones up to the beginning of the slide. These rocks are individually 1,000 lb boulders and have to be carried by a crane. The patio and sunken seating area is getting finishing touches added to it, the family decided to use all travertine tiles to cover this designated area. Along with the waterfall running down the grotto, the Pool Kings also incorporated a waterfall wall, a tanning ledge, and fire bowls.

Southern Oasis Reveal

While the finishes touches are added to the southern oasis swimming pool, Paul brings out the Frankum family to see their new backyard. After 15 weeks of constructing the Frankum’s swimming pool is everything they wanted and more. “This is insane!” The oldest kids shouts. “I love the fire bowls, they really add that wow factor, and it ties everything together.” Amy comments. Brian adds that the family spa has a rolled edge, so they can lean back against it. “We couldn’t be happier with this pool.” Amy says hugging her kids close.

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