A vanishing edge pool will create a dramatic illusion in your Gulf Coast backyard if it’s done properly. If it’s not then the water coverage will be irregular or the wall will be noticeable. The weir should be strong enough to ensure that it will stand without extra support. Also, the top of the weir needs to be level to ensure that it matches the surroundings. Perimeter vanishing edge appears as if one of the pool’s edges is falling off and there are only three sides to your pool.

perimeter vanishing edge

Here are steps of constructing a perimeter vanishing edge:

1. The Weir

The weir is often the basis of the whole pool. The walls can be quite long, up to 50 feet, and should be strong enough to cope with the pool’s water pressure. Usually, it should have a thickness of 12-inches. If the Weir isn’t installed well then it can crack in the long run. There are lots of building problems with this kind of pool. So there’s a need for architectural and construction expertise offered by Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast.

2. Height

As the wall’s height increases, there’s also a need for increasing the wall’s thickness. This is due to the pressure, which will be on the wall. More pressure is applied to an eight-foot wall vs. a wall that is four feet.

3.  Material

The kind of material used depends on the environment since they all expand and contract at totally different rates. Conventional materials include gunite, shotcrete, and mortar. If you want to use cement then it’s essential that it’s poured in the right way. For added support, you can use steel rebar within the weir.

perimeter vanishing edge

4. Level

The weir’s top has to be three inches less than the elevation in the surrounding area. This will make sure that the water is going to cover it and create an edge that looks natural. Ensure that the whole top of the weir is level. If the weir is not level then the edge might have dry and wet areas that ruin the Perimeter vanishing edge effect.

5. Pumps

You should use as small a pool pump as possible to cut down energy. Eventually the longer the wall the costly this will be. The weir’s cut can also affect the pump as many will slant the weir in order that the pool water runs toward the catch basin. Consider how much water you need running over the weir. Take a look at how much variation a change of a gallon per minute plus or minus can impact the cost and then purchase and install the right pump.

6. Choices

There are lots of things that you can change to get the preferred effect. It’s difficult creating your own infinity pool; however, if you have the experience and architectural knowledge then it’s achievable. Check out your local constructing code since it might be essential to have the plans for the infinity pool inspected by an architect or engineer before actual building can begin.

perimeter vanishing edge

Perimeter Vanishing Edge – Conclusion

The stunning appeal of a perimeter vanishing edge will not only boost your spirits but also the value of your home. This high-end, sleek look will transform your outdoor space into a classy oasis. Find out more about the design and building of a perimeter vanishing edge by getting in touch with Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today!

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