Not all homeowners can afford a large swimming pool in their backyard. If you like bricked pathways and lush vegetation, consider a plunge swimming pool. They can be built in any size and shape. They are durable, beautiful and a great investment. Read on to find out how a plunge pool can benefit your Austin backyard.

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Plunge pools

A plunge pool is deeper and and has a relatively small surface area compared to a typical pool, usually only a few meters. They’re good for water exercises, and since they have a small surface area, they hold their heat better than big pools. They’re a nice, practical addition to a landscape or backyard.

swimming pool design ideas

Wading pools

Wading pools are the opposite: the surface area is larger than their depth. These pools are great for kids. Plus, most of the water evaporates, which cools the surrounding areas.

Some homeowners chose to integrate this pool into a landscape plan. After your kids have grown up, you may add some landscape plan or water features to your wading pool.

kid pool party

A Landscape Feature

Some homeowners add fountains and waterfalls to make your pool look lovely and can also provide support for your water garden. Features like waterfalls, waterspouts, and water jets help you get the most out of your swimming pool and backyard.

pool waterfall

A Spa

You can also install a turbojet system of blowers and jets in addition to a heat pump or gas heater. The spa jets are used to create a stream of water for massage. The blower is used to create big bubbles. In most spas, you can see comfortable, hard molded seats.

attaching a spa


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