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Are you suffering from unwanted dirt and debris in your swimming pool? Do you constantly have to net out large leaves? You may be in need of a pool leaf cover.

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What is a pool leaf cover?

pool leaf cover is a device that was designed to prevent leaves and debris from falling into your pool. They are made from tightly knit polyethylene material. That tightly woven material will allow only rain to pass through. Pool leaf covers can be anchored directly to your deck and will last you for many seasons.

They can support a certain amount of weight in an emergency! However, they must be installed over a safety net. Your pool leaf cover should fit the exact size and shape of your pool. This will prevent loose fitting areas from allowing debris to creep in. It will also create a clean look.

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What are the benefits of a pool leaf cover?

Your pool is probably located in a central gathering area for your children and family, maybe right by a playground or swing set. A pool leaf cover with a safety net is designed to support more than 485 pounds, which makes it ASTM compliant. The strong material and as the anchored reinforcements along the pool deck can support a large amount of weight for emergency situations.

The cover will sag into the water if enough pressure is applied so keep that in mind. Pool leaf covers on top of a safety net are easy to install. Thankfully, it requires little to no maintenance and supplies you and your family with safety and protection.

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Pool leaf covers are easy to use

Pool leaf covers are quite user-friendly. The easiest to use is one with a grommet border. When this pool leaf cover is used in conjunction with a pool safety net, all you have to do is unroll the pool cover over the pool safety net and connect it around the perimeter of the pool with bungee cords. This is very simple and should only take you a few minutes.

Medium-sized pool covers are great because they can be removed and replaced as often as you like. It usually takes close to fifteen minutes for each removal and install. Large pool leaf covers are more complicated because the real use for a large cover should only be to close down your pool for a extended period of time. This is because of its weight and the time it will take you to remove and replace. You can expect at least a half hour, usually more.

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