There is nothing better during summer than having a backyard oasis in your Fresno home. Swimming is a good way to getting a workout in while staying cool, keep the children busy, and entertain friends. But as wonderful as it can be to own a pool of any type, pools and spas do have some safety issues. Fortunately, with a bit of preparation, it is easy to alleviate the dangers associated with a backyard oasis. For example, you may want to add some of these safety features to take extra measures in the backyard!

Backyard oasis

Here are some safety features you can consider in your backyard oasis,

1. Extra lighting

You can never have a lot of lighting in your backyard areas. Whether it is solar-powered lamps, fence and rustic tree lighting, or LED color-changing lights in your pool and spa, there are many ways to jazz up the area. And any of these will help to prevent accidents as the seasons’ pass.

2. Safety nets

Safety nets are installed in the same way as safety covers. The main purpose of these pool safety features is to prevent unsupervised swimming pool use, particularly by kids. The main feature of the nets is the spaces between their squares. They should not be big enough to fit pets and small kids. Keep in mind that these nets do not function like safety covers. Adequate weight will collapse the contraption. Ask your pool expert at Premier Pools & Spas of Fresno about the right net for your backyard oasis. Nets for geometric pools are easier to find and install, but freeform pools or pools with extra features, like rocks and waterfalls, might have to get the nets specially installed.

3. Gates and fences

Get in touch with your local pool builder to find out what fence choices you should install surrounding the pool or spa. This not only helps prevent accidents, but also will help prevent other damage to the surrounding landscape, pool, and spa.

Backyard oasis

4. Swimming pool alarm

If you’re concerned about people entering your swimming pool without your consent or a child or pet entering your swimming pool, you can fit a pool alarm on your swimming pool. This lets an alarm to go off anytime something or somebody interferes with your swimming pool. This might save an animal or child from, and it would inform you if an alligator decided to get into the pool.

5. iAquaLink

With your phone having an app, you can take control of all of the features and elements of your backyard, pool, and spa. It will help you keep an eye on and regulate your backyard’s use, whether it is the fire features, pool, spa, or lights.

6. Pool covers

Pool covers are a great way to make sure that the children playing outside will not be in danger when the pool is not being used. In areas with continuous sun, they are also good for water conservation! And will help prevent too much rain water in the pool or spa during a torrential storm.

Backyard oasis

Your Backyard Playground!

Now that you know more about the safety of your backyard oasis and a few things you can do to make things much better for your swimming pool; give Premier Pools & Spas a call and we can schedule you a new pool construction or a free in-house consultation for a pool remodel!

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