The most popular types of inground pools in the US are gunite pools. Since customizing these pools is easy, they are available in all sizes and shapes. “How much do gunite pools cost?” This can this differ depending on a lot of factors, but especially the pool’s (length, width, and depth). But the most precise way for you to get an answer to the question is to get a quote from a Premier Pools & Spas of  Gulf Coast professional.

gunite pools cost

Other factors that drive swimming pool cost are property access and slope, quality of materials, decking type and size, size, utilities, amenities (arbors, water features, spas etc.) and depth. You can construct the very same swimming pool in two different backyards and have a difference of $5,000 or more.

What is Gunite?

It is a combination of sand and cement. When most people talk about cement or concrete pools, they are referring to gunite (though it is also possible they are referring to shotcrete, usually the same material).

How much do gunite pools cost? Factors to consider include:

While gunite is sturdy, the material is porous as well. This makes it a bit more susceptible to the buildup of algae than fiberglass pools. That might look like a small point; however, the extra chemical costs for a gunite pool can quickly increase. One of the primary ongoing expenses you should think about when getting a swimming pool is water treatment.


If you want a custom for a shape, you will probably pay more for your pool.

gunite pools cost


Another big factor in costs is the changing of materials. For example, if the interior of two pools was different. That might be a major difference. If one pool’s interior had tiles and the other had a plaster finish, that might be a difference of just as much as the gunite pools cost.


Once the pool installation is done, the add-ons really customize it. At times the “add-ons” can be more expensive than the swimming pool itself. You can incorporate features like outdoor kitchens, accents like pool lighting, waterfalls and other water features, fire features, recreational features such as diving boards or a waterslide, a hot tub and much more! You also do not want to disregard energy saving options like saltwater chlorinators, energy efficient pumps and solar covers.


Your pool’s size is the greatest factor in determining the cost. For each square foot, be ready to pay more.


Your area’s cost of living will determine what you’ll pay for materials. You’ll also have to pay for permits, which differ from area to area.

gunite pools cost

Ready for Your Own Dream Pool?

While the question of “How much do gunite pools cost?” is hard to answer, you should be ready to pay a higher price. For most people, gunite is the only best option for an inground pool. Full gunite pool installation in your Gulf Coast backyard is tricky and most likely beyond the abilities of most DIYs. Probably, you should hire Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast professionals to get the job done. This often takes a couple of weeks or months to finish. So feel free to call us today!

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