How Much Does an In-ground Pool Cost?

Perfect inground poolLooking at this step by step an in-ground pool can be expensive, but can be made at an reasonable amount. Putting down a set price on how much you want to spend on the your in-ground pool may help keep the price down.

Size: Determining the size of your pool will be a big way in determining the price of your pool. For every square foot you are spending about $50.

Depth: Although depth is apart of size, you must know that if you want a deeper pool it requires more digging and filling materials, therefore upping the cost. Now if your building a kiddie pool, or dog pool the cost will be less.

Materials: The materials you use to line your pool can dramatically affect your cost. Gunite or concrete pools will be much more than vinyl pools.

Living Environment: Where you live, believe it or not, also affects your cost. The higher costs in your living area the higher cost in your pool. You also have to work with permits for building your pool which will most likely be costly.

Custom building: If you Customize your pool, don’t want a standard shape, it will up your cost. Having to put more labor in digging and shaping the pool to your specific wants and needs.


Additional Features: There are so many features you can add to your pool. Sometimes you can even spend more on additional features than the actual pool cost.


Of course this isn’t a requirement, but if you don’t already have fencing around your pool, or just enclosing your backyard you may want to consider that so that other neighborhood kids or families aren’t endangered.

Diving Boards:

Diving boards for the most part are inexpensive, but if you want a high diving board you’ll need to have a deep enough pool, meaning digging deeper and increasing the cost.

Water features:

Waterfalls adding height to your in-ground pool, also adding hidden diving boards in the water or even a slide that comes from the side.

Fire features:

Bowls of fire lit upon pillars up over your pool add a beautiful unique feel.


Adding a spa to your in-ground pool is most definitely going to increase costs. Most people think spas are a must when coming to in-ground pools. They are very common for the typical in-ground project.

Perfect inground pool 2.0Lighting:

Lighting is basically a must in an in-ground pool especially if you want to spend some nights under the stars. The lights have different colors for different dramatic effects.

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