If you are a Halloween enthusiast, you have most likely been making preparations for this year. (You may be contemplating: “Who might have a pool party on a cold Halloween night?” If you are fortunate enough to have one, or at least reside in a warmer environment and are intending to have a Halloween pool party, below are some of the creepy, must-have elements to include into your party decor:

Halloween Pool Party

Image source: thepresstribune.com

1. Pumpkins in abundance

It is time to harvest pumpkins in the backyard garden or the numerous pumpkins at the local pumpkin square. Floating pumpkins in your swimming pool is a nice method to decorate the pool. You can cut up real pumpkins and position small candles inside so your models can illuminate the swimming pool. If you do not wish to use real pumpkins, your local craft outlet has a large selection of plastic pumpkins that will appear just as attractive.

2. Skeletons, spider webs, and tombstones

It is time to get your decorations out of the basement. You should not hesitate to use the decorations you already possess and spice them up using some new decoration from the store. Other classic decorations you can use are spider webs, which you can place in trees and bushes surrounding the swimming pool. Purchase some tombstones and make a nightmarish scene in a corner.

3. Candles and bubbles

You can add laundry soap to produce a foamy pool. After the pool party, you should shock the swimming pool to break up the foam and then run the filter. Use candles to decorate the pool, creating a magical yard that is ideal for a backyard party.

Halloween Pool Party

Image source: www.pinterest.com

4. Plexiglass swimming pool cover

If you wish to expand your yard and make a dining area or dance floor, you may think of having a party rental service provider install lighted plexiglass panels over the swimming pool, or a stage over for a costume competition catwalk, or for the band to play. Expensive, yes and a fantastic creative approach to transforming your swimming pool area into an amazing area for large events.

5. Halloween songs/sound effects

Sound effects and songs are the best strategies to set the ambiance for the Halloween season. Sound effects may be great if you are not outdoors the whole time, or else the repetition may get quite irritating to your guests. There are many Halloween CDs available for children and adults that combine eerie/fun tunes. Or, create your own Halloween playlist.

6. Dry ice

For Halloween party this year, make an eerie pool with fog or dry ice machines. A foggy surrounding will give an eerie aurora to the backyard. If you put dry ice in the swimming pool, take safety measures and ensure that nobody is swimming. Skin burns can occur because of touching dry ice.

Halloween Pool Party

Image source: homecrux.com

7. Glowing hands

Do you want some unique illumination ideas in your pool? You should get some latex gloves and place a glow stick in all of them. Then, fill the gloves with air and tie them off, and set them afloat. In the dark, it is horrifying to see glowing, floating hands in the pool.

Do you have more Halloween pool party craft ideas, please share with us.

How to Create Your Own Halloween Pool Party in Vegas

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