Determining your pool depth in Fresno is just as significant as the position, shape, and size. If you are not sure how the pool depth needs to be, there are some factors you can consider to allow you to determine the best option.

pool depth

Planning on constructing a pool? You should determine your pool’s size, shape, and depth based on the kind of use the pool will get.

Here are some things that can determine pool depth:

1. What is the pool’s purpose?

Do you want a pool for swimming laps or for games? To accommodate both kids and adults, many “fun” swimming pools should be 3 feet deep, and for safety purposes it should be a maximum of 4 – 5 feet deep. Those who swim laps seriously need to look for a length of 25 meters, and a minimum pool depth of 5 feet.

2. How do I ensure safety for my kids?

As opposed to adults, kids grow fast, so there is really no “perfect” safe height. A wading pool that’s 2 feet deep is the best option when you have young toddlers. After a couple of years, your little one will move up into 3 feet into and up depths. For this reason, the wading pool area should not be too big.

pool depth

Some homeowners choose a detached wading pool for their kids; however, the best way to add a wading pool into a bigger pool intended for serious swimming is designing an L-shaped pool. This is where the longer leg is for doing laps and the wading pool is the shorter leg. The wading area will immediately double as a simple way in and out of your pool. Some pool owners choose this installation to a traditional ladder for entry and exit.

3. What is my budget?

It is enticing to want to be extravagant on a diving pool; however, think about this: deeper pools need plenty of water and more cleaning. Not only are they costly upfront, but they also need more maintenance. Over time, a pool with even a smaller sized diving space can add up to a lot of money of additional water expenses and leaning.

4. Will there be any diving?

The A pool’s diving area should have a depth of at least 10 feet (more is much better). However, this small change will significantly impact the overall pool shape and related costs.

We do not mean to deter you from incorporating a diving board to your Fresno pool. Of course, if you like diving, the additional cost is worthwhile. But, if you don’t have enough funds, know that you will not be spending a lot of your time in the deeper depths anyway. Many families spend the most part of their in the pool’s shallower sections.

pool depth

Pool Depth – Conclusion

Are you ready to determine the pool depth of your backyard pool in Fresno? We’re glad to walk you through each stage of the design process and make sure that your dream pool will meet your family’s needs and all the activities you need a pool for. If you want to design the best pool for your property, contact the professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Fresno today!

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