An eco-friendly pool is a great addition to your Temecula home. It will bring together the many advantages of having your very own pool without unpleasant chemicals and other additives, which are traditionally used in modern pools. If you want a naturally refreshing experience, get your own private backyard oasis in your home!

eco-friendly pool

Here are some ideas for an eco-friendly pool:

Ensure there are no leaks:

A tiny leak in a pool can, in the long run, result in a lot of wasted water. If that is not enough to persuade you to repair that leak, there is also the fact that it will weaken the structure of your pool and force major fixes later on.

Pool cover:

When you don’t cover your pool, the water will evaporate quickly. Minimize the wastage of pool water by remembering to cover the pool after usage.

Add landscaping around your pool:

You can use native shrubs and plants to create a garden around your backyard oasis. The plants will function as wind-breakers and slow the water’s rate of evaporation. Remember to put the gardens a bit far from your pool to prevent debris and dirt from falling in. Along with saving water, you are creating stunning surrounding for the Temecula pool and promoting plant growth.

Solar pool heater:

This is one of the most affordable ways to heat the pool while still being green. You will pay more upfront to set up one; however, your ROI ultimately includes saving a lot on your energy bill.

eco-friendly pool

Energy-efficient lighting:

When talking about pool lighting, you truly have no excuse to be environmentally friendly with all of the enhanced and new choices available. Solar light and LED lights are two great choices to replace. These elegant options use less energy in comparison to incandescent lights.

Use automatic pool cleaner:

This collects debris and dirt that the filter does not catch, which keeps the pool free of algae and clean. This means you’ll not have to shock the pool or add extra chlorine frequently, resulting in an eco-friendly pool.

Use a variable speed pump:

Of all swimming pool equipment, pumps often use the most energy. Variable speed pumps will help you minimize your energy use. This is because they just use as much energy as is required for whatever work they are finishing at that moment. These pumps are a lot more energy efficient in comparison to single speed pumps, making a preferred option in most pools.

An automated pool system:

It can control everything from sanitization to pool lights. It’s possible to automate the pool chemistry to where it will use just what is required. You can also set your pool vacuum, pool lights, pump, and heater to shut on and off only as required, using less power for all the equipment.

eco-friendly pool

Ready for Your Own Eco-friendly Pool?

Do not forget that Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula is willing to make your pool dreams a reality with a custom inground pool. Call us today and build your dream pool!

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