As a pool owner, you most likely have stains in your pool. Do not worry; you’re not alone. Pool stains are a fact of life. But in this article, there’s information that can help you to eradicate them altogether.

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Having a swimming pool is very rewarding and fun. But there are many responsibilities associated with being a pool owner. Apart from making sure the pool is free of debris and balancing the water chemistry, stain removal and prevention is important as well.

Well-known causes of pool stains

  • Metals, such as copper and iron, exist naturally in water. Their existence can be associated with leaching from other sources like pesticides, fertilizers, and residential plumbing. Copper also originates from pool algaecides. It also comes from heaters that usually have copper heat exchangers.
  • Algae can easily tint the pool water (often green). The three most widely known types of algae are identified by their respective colors – yellow, black or green.
  • Decaying organic debris like acorns, berries and leaves can cause the pool surface to have stains if not removed immediately. In some areas, unsightly stains left by oak leaves are particularly troublesome. Organic debris usually leaves brown stains a result of naturally occurring tannin.

How to Identify and Remove Pool Stains 1

The problem with metals is that pool water evaporates, but metal doesn’t. This means the concentration of metals increases progressively. Once the pool water reaches the saturation point, it cannot contain extra metal. This is when metals start to stick to the swimming pool surface and create stains.

Balance your pool water

Pool stains appear in several different kinds. They also originate from a range of different sources, many of which you have virtually no control over. The best way to postpone or prevent staining is to balance your pool water properly. The reason being, unbalanced pool water will function as a catalyst for discoloration and stains. When those unpleasant spots appear unexpectedly on the pool’s surface, Dallas Pool Service technicians are here to help. They will be able to recognize the discoloration, begin the process of removal, and avert any future discoloration.

Future prevention

Taking preventive measures to stop pool stains is as significant, simple, and crucial as any other aspect of pool maintenance. Ensure you maintain the proper sanitizer level (i.e. chlorine) in the swimming pool always. This is to prevent the formation of organic stains.

For a properly working sanitizer, balance your pool’s alkalinity and pH. Maintain a clean pool by frequently skimming. Also, use an automatic or manual pool cleaner to vacuum the pool water’s surface.

Pool Stains

Do You Need Help Removing Pool Stains?

If you want help removing pool stains and need your backyard oasis thoroughly cleaned, it’s important to work with an experienced team. Dallas Pool Service has the methods and tools to get rid of pool stains. They can get your swimming pool looking like new once more. Our professional team will also share specifics with you which might help you avert further damage to your pool. Take a peek at our before and after pictures and arrange a consultation. Contact Dallas Pool Service today!

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