Having a swimming pool in your Temecula backyard is like water heaven to bees. That shouldn’t be a reason that you can’t have fun in your own pool because you’re afraid to be stung by bees. You should feel safe in your own environment. Although the bees may get irritating, Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula has solutions to help keep bees away from the swimming pool without having to harm them directly; bees are good for the environment. Bees are typically easier to get rid of than wasps. Wasps are more territorial and stubborn.

Keep Bees Away from the Swimming Pool

Here are some solutions on how to keep bees away from the swimming pool,

  1. Decoy Nests- The first thing you may want to consider is getting decoy nests, putting them away from the pool and progressively watching them transfer over hives. The decoy nest gives them a separate place to nest and some decoys have a sticky solution that slowly kills the bees.Keep Bees Away from the Swimming Pool
  2. Raw Meat– Typically wasps are more attracted to this solution if you were to hang a small amount of raw meat over a bucket of water mix with detergent, when the wasps fall off the meat they land in the bucket and it kills them.
  3. Diesel Fuel- This is another thing that interests wasp, for its strong odor. Setting up bottles of fuel away from the pool, wasps get trapped in the bottles. This is also a good way to keep bees away from the swimming pool
  4. Changing the landscape- Bees don’t love all plants. Mint and lemongrass are the two plants that bees dread and will stay away from them at all cost. Humans find these two plants pleasant smelling and look wonderful in any swimming pool landscaping. They are simple to look after and also help to keep at bees away from the swimming pool.
  5. Contact a Beekeeper- If you see a hive in your backyard, it’s best if you call a beekeeper. They can safely remove the hive and the bees and relocate them elsewhere.
  6. Turn on the pool jets– One major issue bees have is drowning when they are looking for water. For this reason, they do whatever they can to stay away from any water source that appears turbulent or hazardous. If you have swimming pool jets, maximize on them. Adjust the jets to make your pool’s surface shaky and hard to land on.
  7. Hang mothballs- Bees hate the smell of mothballs. Place the mothballs in some pantyhose and suspend them around backyard oasis to repel bees.
  8. Removal- The last thing we suggest to keep bees away from the swimming pool is removing their nests all together, whether you choose to hire an exterminator or take things into your own hands and buy insecticide or just using a regular hose to knock down the nests.

Keep Bees Away from the Swimming Pool

Over the years, Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula has assisted many homeowners to keep bees away from the swimming pools. We know various techniques that make it easy for us to get it done safely, both for you and for the insects themselves. We will help you eliminate the issue in the most humane way possible and equip you with knowledge and tools to keep bees away from the swimming pool. Contact Premier Pools & Spas Today!

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