A backyard oasis is every homeowners dream. Wanting a swimming pool that will not only transform your backyard, but you and your families lives. Owning a swimming pool is the perfect opportunity to spend more quality time with your friends and family, as well as create long-lasting memories that they will cherish. Once you have a swimming pool you will need to know how to keep it clean. Keep reading to learn how to know whether or not your pool’s pH balance is too high or too low.

What Should a Pool’s pH Level be at?

Before we get into the facts about pH levels being too high or low, lets go over the definition of a Pool’s pH levels. pH measures the activity of free hydrogen and hydroxyl ions within a solution. While this is harder to figure out for the average person, that is why chemical testing strips have been created for the everyday pool user. pH is testing the alkalinity and acidity in your swimming pool. Having your pH levels properly balanced ensures that you can swim safely in a clean swimming pool.

More Facts about a Pool’s pH levels

The pH scale ranges from 0-14. Having a pH level from 0-6.9 indicated that the pH is acidic. For example 0 is equivalent to battery acid. Orange juice has a pH of 3, black coffee has a pH of 5, and milk has a pH of 6. Anything that has a pH of 7 is completely neutral. Pure water is an example of a neutral pH level. You want your swimming pool water to sit right at 7.5.

Your pH is too Low

There are signs to show if your swimming pool water has too low of a pH level. Somethings to look out for is if anyone that has swam in your pool may have irritated eyes. This is the first sign to look out for if you are worried about your pH levels.

Your pH is too High

If your pool’s pH level is too high there are more signs that you will start to notice. Irritated skin is a sign of a high pH level. Also, if you have too high of a pH level, it will start to effective the way chlorine cleans your swimming pool. You will start to notice it is not as clean as it once was. If your swimming pool becomes cloudy this is a sure sign that the pH level in your swimming pool is too high. We recommend turning on your swimming pool pump and contacting your pool service company to take a look at the chemical balance in your pool water.

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