How do I know if my Pool Pump Needs Replacing?

If you are reading this there is a fair chance that you are dealing with a malfunctioning or completely out of service pump. This is a code red situation because of the potential havoc that algae is about to wreck on your swimming pool. The first step is contacting a service professional. You will have some heavy decisions to contemplate. Pool pump repair or Pool pump replacement? It’s obvious you must do something, but the cost involved can add up quickly. So what key points should you consider?

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Trash the pump or save the pump?

One way to save on costs is to simply preform a pool pump repair. How do you know if you are a candidate for a pool pump repair? First, determine the health of the pump. Over the years this machinery is subject to heat , rain, and even lightning. These conditions can drag down the overall health of the pump. The pump’s internal parts as well as the housing and motor can go bad and require replacement. Generally 60-75% is the standard of replacement cost versus the cost of the whole pump. If the cost to repair is within or over this range, it is smarter to replace the pump. This way you have a brand new pump and warranty covering any problems that could arrive in the future. This applies to all pump issues. Dry or cracked pump housing,pumps older than 10-15 years old, obsolete parts are all examples of problems that the 60-75 rule.

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Listen to your motor

You can learn a lot by simply listening to the sound of your motor. The sound that the motor makes shortly after switching the power can lead you to the issues your pump is having. It’s important to realize the simple nature of a motor. Once installed they require little to no maintenance. Loud screeching is a issue. If your motor sounds less like an electrical motor and more like an airplane , it’s vert likely that the bearings are bad. The most common causes are a leaky shaft seal, flooding or even errant sprinkler spray. On the bright side bearings can be replaced rather cheaply. If your motor makes a humming sound it’s  probably the capacitor. A blown capacitor is caused by a surge in power or overheating and is a simple fix. What if you flip the power on and there is no sound? In this case, the pump is dead and must be completely replaced.

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Inspect your motors and pumps

Now that you have the information you need to decide if you need a pool pump repair or replacement, it’s time to make some hard choices. In the states where swimming pools are most common legislators have put strict regulations on replacement of pumps and motors. The new regulations may require homeowners to upgrade their pumps to dual and variable speed. So be sure to research your local legislation in reference to swimming pools in general, as well as pool pump repair.


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